Pass~Port x Vans “Fitzy Plaza” Photos

After the City of Melbourne rendered the famous Lincoln Plaza un-skateable, Callum Paul and friends needed to find a new home. Edinsburgh Gardens Football Field North Fitzroy was far from perfect—low, rough curbs with black-tar ground and not much else to skate. However, the heritage-like building at the footy field had "Guy Stokes" history to it, as well as being on the right side of the river for Callum. The boys took to the curbs with a rubbing and some Kiwi Wax and Fitzy Plaza was born. To launch the release of the Vans x Pass~Port Sid shoe and bomber jacket—which took its inspiration from the brickwork of Fitzy Plaza—Trent, Callum, Jack and friends got together for a gathering of sorts which turned into a heck of a day. Wish you were there… —Andrew Mapstone

1.CallumPaulFsAir Mapstone LoRes 750pxCallum Paul getting in early with a pre-grab to kick things off

2.DigbyLuxtonTreFlip Mapstone LoRes 750pxAs the crowd began to build, so did the hype—Digby Luxton, tré flip to fakie on the bricks

3.BryceGolderFsFlip Mapstone LoRes 750pxIn the hunt for another MVP, Bryce Golder was flying and flipping all over the place. Ramp-to-ramp frontside flip

4.CallumPaulWallieFiveOGrind Mapstone LoRes 750pxCallum Paul putting his ’80s skate obstacle to the test—wallie to PVC 5-0

5.JackOGradyBsFiveO Mapstone LoRes 750pxJack O’Grady came out of nowhere to be the first to wallride the ramp-to-ramp gap. A few more rolls later and he was grinding the top rope

6.JackOGradyFsGrind Mapstone LoRes 750pxOnce he did it backside we knew the Aussie SOTY would grind it frontside, too

7.JayRuncimanBsBoneless Mapstone LoRes 750pxJay Runciman drove eight-and-a-half hours to Melbourne and was lucky to make it after car troubles. It didn’t take him long to impress the local lads—backside boneless on the real bricks

8. RickyGlaserNoseGrind Mapstone LoRes 750pxNo rainbows at Fitzy Plaza this day, just rainbow rails. Ricky Glaser’s nosegrind could be mistaken for a crooks, but it’s not

9.DeanJonhstonPoleJam Mapstone LoRes 750pxI was gutted I missed Dean Johnston grinding the gutter—so gutted I made him grind the guttering again. Thanks, Dean

10.AussieSnag SOTY JackMaxwell Mapstone LoRes 750pxThe only Snag (Kirksy) to be found was the snags in bread, not on the board. Jack (O’Grady, not Kirk) and Maxwell, big enough for two

11.TrentEvansWallie Mapstone LoRes 750pxA dreamy wallie on a dreamy Melbourne day by the Pass~Port boss man himself, Trent Evans

JayRuncimanFastPlant Mapstone LoRes 750pxThe move of the day, in my eyes, was Jay Runciman’s ramp-to-ramp, fastplant. WTF?

13. CallumConna Mapstone LoRes. 750px 2xPass~Port Callum was full of kindness, giving out shoes from his private stash to Fitzy local mate, Conna Mallett—a rare sight

14.BryceGolderNosePick Mapstone LoRes 750pxAs the sun began to go down, the party moved to the street and Bryce Golder picked his nose for the crowd

15.CallumPaulFsWallride Mapstone LoRes 750pxCallum Paul spends so much time on walls you could confuse him with your friendly neighborhood Spiderman. But he’s extra friendly

16.TrentEvansCrail Mapstone LoRes 750pxTrent sealed the deal on the whole Vans X Pass~Port project with this crail—so legit

17.JackOGrady BsNoseBluntPullIn Mapstone LoRes 750pxJack O’Grady went ape shit the whole time—stoked to have the Sydney boy in Melbourne. Backside noseblunt yank in
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