Nike x Hockey's "Killshot" Demo Photos

For years now the guys at Pawnshop have dreamt of doing a parking-lot demo outside the shop. The only problem is that they’re on a busy street and have no parking lot. Where there’s a will, there’s a way, though, and with the help of Nike SB and Hockey, Pawnshop was able to block off College Avenue in downtown Covina and throw one hell of a “parking-lot” demo in celebration of the new Killshot shoe. —Ben Karpinski

1 750pxFollowed the skate rats down to Pawnshop

2 750pxThey really did it! College Ave. is closed!

3 750pxNow let’s just hope this thing is skateable

4 750pxAnthony Piscopo putting on the finishing touches

5 750pxReally coming together nicely

6 750px“Down for a game of SKATE?” “Yeah, whatever officer.”

7 750pxDid not see that one coming. Should have got his number for the next homie going on KOTR

8 750pxFranky and Eliane made it out

9 750pxShimizu sighting!

10 750pxPatrick Ryan sparks off the sesh with a nosepick. She’s skateable, boys!

11 750pxT takes it over the channel, three wheels out

12 750pxPawnshop employee Oscar had to get out from behind the counter and to soar over the hydrant

13 750pxCovina legend Cornbread yanks his backside Noseblunt out to fakie

14 750pxAt this point the demo was going full throttle

15 750pxFranky V channels his inner Tempster with a gap to lipslide

16 750pxJoseph Campos got his back—side. Wait ’til you see his part in the new shop video

17 750pxDonovon dips a Smith over the truck bed

18 750pxThen yanked this 50-50 back in over the channel

19 750pxKeith and Anthony, the brawn behind the Pawn

20 750pxLevi closed out the demo with this dumptruck

21 750pxEveryone had to get a piece

22 750pxEven won 50 bucks, too. Congrats, Levi! Time to go watch the videos

23 750pxAA and Shimizu checking out the basement

24 750pxEveryone crammed into the shop for a double feature. Killshot was up first

25 750pxDid I mention there was pizza?

26 750pxPatrick Ryan snagged the best seat in the house

27 750pxVincent Alverez came to see the new shop video

28 750pxMade it just in time

29 750pxStanding room only

30 750pxBetween Killshot and the new Pawn video, Covina has a lot to be proud of. Congrats, guys!

31 750pxAnd thanks for a killer demo, Pawnshop!

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