Pay the Troll: WSVT 20th Birthday Bash Photos

It all started 20 years ago with an empty space under a bridge, a stolen flatbar, bags of ‘crete, hard work and a lot of beer. Washington St skatepark just hit the two-decade mark. Who would have ever thought it would last this long? It’s one of the best skateparks in San Diego—hands down! To celebrate, the park got lit up and one of the heaviest sessions ever took place. Here’s to another 20 years! –Rhino

Tom SeqTom Schaar—up, up and out to the back ledge, then back in

1 750pxJames “Sperm” Broderick and Brandon Perelson holding down the raffle table out front

2 750pxThese dudes poured some blood, sweat, beers and concrete into the park—Sperm, Dykma and Mikey Ratt

3 750pxMarcel Martinez enjoying the calm before the storm

4 750pxWSVT local Lux Crews knows you gotta show up early to get some runs

5 750pxJoe Pino celebrates with a rock and roll on the 20th B-Day graff

6 750pxSecond time skating here, Pedro Quintas front feebles like local

7 750pxPretty much raised at the bridge, Judo watches the session go down

8 750pxToby Koala coming in hot with an Indy 540 in the AM

9 750pxMarcel, stylish eggplant

10 750pxWSVT locs

11 750pxYears ago you wouldn’t think to bring your kids down here. Times have changed a little—Damon Mills with his daughter

12 750pxLefty and Hewitt

13 750pxTim Aguilar, backside boneless

14 750pxBack country lurking

15 750pxOmar has done some damage down here over the years, fastplant to fakie

16 750pxMazapan, lofty frontside air

17 750pxCruise Mosberg, Indy fastpant off the pillar

Liam SeqThe first time Liam Pace skated WSVT he was ten and he knocked his teeth out. This was his second time here. Heavy hip-to-hip transfer, no teeth were lost

19 750pxThe grill was fired up all day with $5 burgers

20 750pxChris Russell shotguns his thirst away

21 750pxThe Muscle with a huge boneless one

22 750pxAlley-oop eggplant on the big wall. Russell was killing it

23 750pxMarcel didn’t stop skating all day—lien to tailslide fist try in the cradle

24 750pxPatrick Ryan, Clay Kreiner and Tom Schaar

25 750pxPineapple, Pino and Mike Neff

26 750pxNo stranger to skating under bridges—Neil Heddings, front rock

27 750pxThe session’s about to get turned up to 11

28 750pxFront row seats for the cradle show

29 750pxThe Muscle, locked-in switch crooked grind

30 750pxThe crowd was fired up!

31 750pxMarcel shuts it down with a NDB frontside invert on the cradle. WTF? Happy B-Day, WSVT!

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