PHXAM "Wishing You Were Here" 2021 presented by Vans

In lieu of an in-person contest, Cowtown held it down in the desert with a drive-in premiere to display this year’s virtual PHXAM madness. Ams from across the world submitted their best clips from their local parks and the results were stunning. The esteemed judges combed through entries and collected the best moments for a highlight reel that illustrates the unreal global talent in the contest. The top-ten placing runs finish out the video and are listed below. Proceeds from the drive-in premiere went to the Cowtown S.K.A.T.E. nonprofit. Thanks to all the sponsors for helping make PHXAM 2021 happen: Vans, REAL Skateboards, Bones wheels, Bones bearings, Thrasher, Independent trucks, Pro-Tec, Happy Hour shades and Mob Grip.

Follow along with host Andrew Cannon to see the stoke and slams that made the final cut

1. Lazer Crawford
2. Masaki Hongo
3. Julian Chistianson
4. Eric Clark
5. Gage Boyle
6. Jordan Powell
7. Trevor Theriault
8. Shane Short
9. Alexander Gould
10. Thomas Turner

For the full contest results, check out
  • Double Rock: REAL

    Double Rock: REAL
    Nicole Hause, Christian Henry, Kyle Walker and more unleash a back-to-back barrage. Fire it up.
  • Thunder's "Spot Hunting" Video with Jamie Foy

    Thunder's "Spot Hunting" Video with Jamie Foy
    Foy and Gage try their luck lookin' for a solid spot to cast their rods in this short piece directed by Tom K for Thunder.
  • SKATELINE: 12.07.2021

    SKATELINE: 12.07.2021
    John Shanahan drops a part for Pangea, Yuto Horigome's Spitfire part, Mark Suciu's Flora part and more in today's episode of Skateline.
  • My War: Ronnie Sandoval

    My War: Ronnie Sandoval
    Ronnie battles a chaotic drop to bank, losing his skin and sanity in the process. The Old Man woulda loved this one. 
  • Chima Ferguson's "Nice to See You" RAW FILES

    Chima Ferguson's "Nice to See You" RAW FILES
    His Vans part shocked the world with its glorious onslaught of first-rate stunts. Now see how much punishment Chima endured in his pursuit of the sublime.