Pig Wheels' "Extra Crispy" Premiere Photos

Last night the Pig Wheels team premiered their new video, Extra Crispy, at the Good Bar in Long Beach, California. This is their first full-length video since 1998's All Systems Go!, so it was kinda a big deal. It was also a big night for Tre Williams and Braxton Powers, both of whom had standout parts. Tune in here next week for the video.


The new Long Beach hot spot, The Good Bar


“Hey! You a photographer? Take my photo!” —Pretty Reef of Wilshire fame


Ryan Spencer and the crew walking over from Blake’s house across the street. Talk about convenience


Don’t worry; Blake got in


The place was packed. There was even a Forrest Edwards sighting!


Madars Apse and Dave Hoang


Jake Darwen and Alex Lawton escaping another brutal Australian winter


Found the drink tickets!


Dylan Witkin and Blake from the Good Bar talk all things Dead


Joey Ragali and Cole Wilson



Leabres running the pool table. Unfortunately, nobody noticed



Don and Blake Carpenter with bonus Aidan BGPs


The World’s Best Dad even made it out on a school night


Don Luong and Tre Williams, crucial components to Extra Crispy


Huge turnout for the video


Here we go…


The first-premiere jitters


Both of them nailed it, though. Congrats again on the video, guys. Be sure to check back next week to peep it out for yourself

Note: if you thought we forgot about Pig's 2005 Slaughterhouse video, we didn't. Because that was Pig Wood, not Pig Wheels.

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