Remembering P-Stone

Preston traveled a million miles and had almost as many friends. Please join us and share your thoughts and stories as we celebrate the life of a beloved skateboarder, father, filmmaker and friend.

Remember Pstone 001


Big mileage is how I describe my relationship with Preston Maigetter. Met him in ’90 but I remember seeing him skate in ’95 in Sattel, Switzerland. It was a high-ollie contest and he was going toe-to-toe with Jo Jo Tershay. Close but no cigar. He ripped skating and knew when he picked up the bail gun (video cam) it would give him a ticket to the world. In 1999 he went with the boys to South America and did it like the champ he was. Well mannered, eloquent and smooth with the locals, he was the good to my bad. When he moved to SF I put him on as a hired gun. He documented the madness of the road and condensed it to DVD magic. There's never been one dude like that: party all night, fix your lawnmower and mow the lawn in the morning. I keep it in my hard drive, in my skull, and when you think it’s bad, we got it good. Miss you, Big Dog. See you on the other side. Make it all yours 'til we meet again. —Jake Phelps


Remember Pstone 066


Tripping. Probably always will. The first thing Preston would always ask me is, “How are the kids?" He was the most caring person. His smile is what I will always remember as was what a smile should be. I can't believe it. It's too surreal. Too many memories to count. Thousands! I'll always cherish them. And I know when I'm in a tough spot you'll be there in my heart to P-Stone my way out of it. —Tony Trujillo


Remember Pstone 002

P-Stone, there’s a heavy note on everyone’s heart. I’m constantly thinking about Anna and the boys. When everyone found out that you were gone, I felt that you were still here and about to pop up at any moment with some brews and BBQ. It’s because you are still here. You left a path for all of us to ride on, showed us a lot of road time, showed us how to be. And even if you were lost or wrong we all still got there at some point. You have helped me learn to be positive through some tough times and snap it when it was needed. Ha! There is so much I can say, but all I hear you say (and it’s forever in my brain) is, “You got it, Ash!” We love you, Preston. We love you, Anna, Oskar and Felix. —Ashley Trujillo


Remember Pstone 003



Steak on the line for a backside boneless over the channel? GOT IT! Have you ever been to Orcas Island and seen your bro that had chili three times that day jump off a cliff into the ocean and chase a deer that stole his sausages? You ever been to Butter Bowl and seen that same bro bluntslide the deep end for a keg? The stories are endless, we've all got em'. I am truly so lucky to call Preston Maigetter one of my bros. P-Stone taught me so much, introduced me to so many and always pushed me to get it. Even on a loose ship he somehow kept it tight. Love is an understatement, and a broken heart? Got that too. Goddammit, Big Dog, you broke a lot of hearts today! Our guy will be forever missed.

Big love. —Schmitty

Remember Pstone 032


Remember Pstone 004


P-Stone forever! Have you ever been on a road trip that changed your life? I've been on a few of them, and they are all amazing in their own way, but some just stand out more than others and feel like a dream. One of the best adventures I've ever been on was on Route 66 with a crew of dudes I looked up to. I was a young brat that somehow ended up with the big dogs. This was thanks to Preston and Rhino. I spent two weeks having the time of my life with these dudes: skating pools, BBQing, camping, ordering pizza at the strip club, Preston out of his mind on mushrooms and talking his way out of us getting in trouble with the cops as we explored the Cadillac Graveyard after midnight. So many epic stories from that trip. We became good friends after that, and every time we hung out he could kick my ass in a game of SKATE and cook up some amazing food for all of us. Always smiling, laughing, keeping that PMA up, he was the type of dude we should all aim to be: giving, loving and living life to the fullest. I know I'm a complainer and a bitch, but whenever P-Stone was around it was impossible to be bummed out. He brought out the best in all of us. Thanks for everything you did for us. —Corey Duffel


Remember Pstone 005


Hair like he lost a late night bet, attitude like he won the damn lottery. —John Rattray


Remember Pstone 006


Just learned of the premature passing of Preston Maigetter, aka P-Stone. He was the embodiment of the skateboarder spirit: always positive and always ready for whatever was in store. I was fortunate to go on a tour to South America with him. Such an epic trip! Austin Stephens got his nickname based on P-Stone. We’ve called him A-Stone ever since that trip. Always skating, filming, partying and even jumping tables with a beer in his hand. I don't know what to say. I just wanted to sing his praises and express my sadness that our community has lost another positive force. My heart goes out to his family. We were all his family. —Ed Templeton


Remember Pstone 007


Remember Pstone 008


Skateboarding lost a true gentleman. —Cubic


Remember Pstone 009


Words are often hard to come by, yet feelings are always there. I love you, my dear friend. The times we have shared will fill my heart for all eternity. I love you, my dear friend. I wish I had the right things to say, but I know the feelings I have when I look back at all the times we have had. I love you, my dear friend. —Darren Navarette


Remember Pstone 010


Thank you for sharing your magic with us, Big Dog. Your loss will be felt in all of skateboarding for years to come. We love you, Preston. —Mike Gilbert


Remember Pstone 011
The skateboard world has lost one of its best. You will always be remembered, Loaf. —Rob Washburn


Remember Pstone 012


P-Stone was a renaissance man with huge heart. He will be sorely missed, but his spirit will live on forever. —Dan Z


Remember Pstone 013


You can’t put out the fire of eternal stoke. —Eben Sterling


Remember Pstone 014

This really doesn’t seem real yet. He was the most indestructible superhuman I ever met! I traveled all over the world with him since I was 17. I learned so much and gained so many awesome memories from being around such a powerful source of positivity with an unquenchable thirst for a good time! I've been through just about everything with him, and seen his family start and grow and can’t possibly imagine what they are going through. There will NEVER be another P-Stone. Rest easy, P-Steezy. Love you, buddy! —David Gravette


Remember Pstone 015


Rest in peace, Big Fella. —Stu Graham


Remember Pstone 016


Don’t pour out too much beer for Stone… drink it all! He’d be pissed to see beer go to waste. —Big Hongry


Remember Pstone 017


May your boys know the light you brought to this community and everyone you met in it. Thank you, Preston, for always showing us a good time, for always being real and for sharing so much of your world. —Nora Vasconcellos

Remember Pstone 018


Preston in the van. This is how I will remember him. —Justin Regan


Remember Pstone 019


Preston was staying on our couch back in the day in Boston and we were all raging at the bar and ended up forgetting to bring him back with us. I woke up in the morning and he was on the couch with some chick, and I realized we had forgotten him at the bar. I was like, “Holy shit, Preston, I’m so sorry we ditched you,” and he just said, “All good, Benny! I tackled every garbage can on the way home.” —Ben Colen


Remember Pstone 020


You left us too soon, Tio. You will be in our hearts for the rest of our lives. I feel lucky, like many others, to share with you thousands of miles around the world. Rest in peace. —Roberto Aleman


Remember Pstone 021


One-hundred-percent skateboarder, proud father and family man, great friend to thousands all over the world! For decades he was the life of the party! Also so full of positive fun-loving vibes and happy energy! My heart goes out to his family, his kids and his friends worldwide. You will be missed but NEVER forgotten. RIP it up in heaven, my brother! Much love and respect, always! —Dave Duncan


Remember Pstone 022


Amazing memories with an amazing human. You were truly one of a kind. —Rye Beres


Remember Pstone 023


Heartbroken. We spent a lot of good times together back in the '90s. He was family to me, spending summertime at my place, hanging out, skating and eating the best pasta together. My thoughts go out to his family: Anna, Oskar and Felix. RIP, my dear friend P-Stone. —Giorgio Zattoni


Remember Pstone 024


It’s heartbreaking to hear the news. We lost one of the best people I know. Your fire will never go out, Big Dog. Rest easy, Preston. —Giovanni Reda


Remember Pstone 025
P-Stone is the true example of how a real man should be. He is someone who always treated everyone with love, care and respect. He never left you in the cold and if you were, he would build a fire to keep you warm with company. The best part is he would cook you up the best BBQ there ever was. Can’t believe you are gone, brother. Skateboarding is going to miss your sun-shining face. —Omar Salazar


Remember Pstone 026
Mad love, Big Dog. Heavy hearts. —Jacob Nunez

Remember Pstone 027
The guy who always had your back. We will miss you. Love the good times and they were many. —Texas Dan


Remember Pstone 028
We lost someone larger than life in skateboarding. He was a father, husband, skater, filmer, master on the BBQ, tour guide, translator and our beloved selfless P-Stone. His heart was literally as big as he was. He always had a plan—had the skaters and spots lined up. He brought out the best in us. He brought us together. Every day was a celebration when you were with him. P-Stone will be in our hearts forever. Thank you for everything, Big Dog! You touched so many people’s lives with your charm and personality. Rips and sips. —Joe Brook

Remember Pstone 029
Goddamn it Stone... I miss you so much already. Rest easy, Herr Maigetter. —Chris Pfanner


Remember Pstone 030


To have known, traveled with and loved Preston Maigetter was to know stoke in its purest form. P-Stone set the example of how to live life to the fullest. You were, without a doubt, THE ultimate road warrior. This cheers is to you, Big Dog. To everybody who’s hurting, I love you. —Andrew Currie


Remember Pstone 031

So many miles, so many great times, so many stories. Always had our back. Always smiling. Always inspiring. The times we shared on this planet will burn forever. Love and condolences to Preston’s wife and children. Rest easy, Big Dog —
Brian Seber


Remember Pstone 033


There was never a man with a more positive outlook on absolutely everything, even the shitty stuff. He turned ground round into a delicacy and made warm beer not that bad. You will always be with us, Big Dog. This is just too tragic. Our hearts go out to his family, friends and all the lives he touched all over the world. Rest in peace! —Sam Smyth


Remember Pstone 034


He documented the skateboarding I wanted to see the most. —Packy Fancher

Remember Pstone 035


He came to Argentina four times. He was a local and everybody loved him, especially my grandma. I would get up in the morning and he would be having breakfast with her, chatting about TV shows and other stuff. Everywhere he went he shared his love for skateboarding and life. He lived every day as the last day. He will be in my thoughts forever. Uno “fresquita” for you, Amigo. —Diego Bucchieri


Remember Pstone 036


He's there 'til the end. Glad to have spent so many good times with you! —Justin Brock


Remember Pstone 037


I miss you, Preston my friend, and I'm really sad that this accident happened to you and your family, your lady Anna, your kids Oskar and Felix and to all your friends. Rest in peace. I miss you so much. —Fernando Bramsmark


Remember Pstone 039


I have known Preston since 1998. He worked for Powell and introduced me to Javier Sarmiento. We skated for a weekend and the whole time I was, like, “this dude is the best!”Then we went on Skate Rock. Wow! I was shooting and he's, like, "You want a beer?" I was, like, "I love you, man." Then we went to Paris and got wasted on my birthday. I lost Ako. I got back to the hotel at 6am and Ako is asleep in the hallway with a blanket and pillow. P-Stone's room was across the hall and the next day at the airport he's, like, "I got your brother a blanket and pillow so he could rest easy." —Atiba Jefferson

Remember Pstone 040


I looked up to this dude so much. Every single time I got a chance to hang with him it was such a blessing and a serious learning experience—just the story's alone. He's seen it all. In our world, dudes like this come along once in a lifetime. I'm looking so forward to the next one! RIP, Stone. –Cody Green

Remember Pstone 041


Love you, P-Stone. —Kyle Walker

Remember Pstone 042


So, so sad. We lost one of the best people today. You always made me laugh, every time you were around. The lasting effect you will have had on so many is a testament to who you were. Forever. Thoughts are with you and all who loved you tonight, tomorrow and going forward. —Jim Thiebaud


Remember Pstone 043


Truly one of a kind. So thankful I got to clock in some miles with Stone on a recent Thrash N Burn trip. Master of everything. RIP, Big Dog. You've impacted each and every one of us. We love you. —Louie Lopez

Remember Pstone 044


Sad day for skateboarding. Honored to have met you. Rest in peace, P-Stone. —Jamie Tancowny

Remember Pstone 045


He knew directions to anywhere in the world even if he'd never been there before, he never took shotgun in the van unless he was navigating, could cook anything on a BBQ grill, offered to bartend at an overcrowded bar so we could all get free drinks, the jedi master of the clean-plate club, friend to everyone and could clear any room, vehicle or train car with his farts. Rest easy, Big Dog. There's cold beer in heaven. —Joe Hammeke


Remember Pstone 046


If you met him, you'd never forget him. A true legend who always put other people first. Master of BBQ and good times—anywhere, anytime. You will be missed dearly, my friend. —Jack Curtin


Remember Pstone 047


Forever in our hearts! Gonna miss your BBQ skills, my man. A legend in every meaning of the word. Rest easy, P. Love you! —Chima Ferguson


Remember Pstone 048


Years ago at a show in Atlanta, P-Stone loaded all of our gear, taking stuff out of our hands and carrying it himself "Lemme carry it. You guys get to do this every night. I only get to do it once." Best dude. RIP, Preston. —The Shrine


Remember Pstone 049


I am going to miss you forever. I will always hold our stories and travels around this crazy world dear to my heart. I was lucky to have known you. Rest In Peace, Preston. I love you. —Tom Remillard


Remember Pstone 050


Gonna Miss you, P, but will always have plenty of memories, stories, AND memories of all the stories you'd always tell and knowledge you'd always sprinkle on us. My heart goes out to all of Preston's family and all of his friends around the world. —Mike Carroll


Remember Pstone 051


P-Stone taught me the first things I needed to know about being on the road. "Dry your socks while the fire's hot. Ol' 18-second seared tuna is all ya need." I'll hold onto the advice he gave me. You're forever manning the ship now, Big Dog. We love you, Preston. —Jon Sciano


Remember Pstone 052


We lost a one of a kind. Dan Plunkett and Preston were driving back from Atlanta and called me at one in the morning while I was at the movies, saying they needed a place to stay. Right away I said, "Yes, just go to my house." I get home and see these two standing in my driveway. I'd never met Preston until then. We stayed up until 3am drinking beers and shooting the shit, story after story, non-stop laughter from all of us. It was time for bed and Preston insisted on sleeping on the mini ramp in my backyard, even though he knew there was a bed made for him. I had to make him sleep inside, so as not to freak my parents out (he ended up sleeping on the floor in my living room). I woke up the next morning and went downstairs to find him cooking with my parents. Dan and I looked at each other and couldn't help but start laughing. It was like he'd been part of my family for ages. My dad and him walked the dogs at 7am, and he got my dad to drink a beer before 10am. No one can do that, except Preston. After breakfast he started teaching my mom how to play the piano and then skated my ramp. This all went down in a span of ten hours. He had this gift of making you feel comfortable in the first two seconds of meeting him. When you would see the guy, your face would light up with joy. Preston is gonna be missed by my family and so many other people. We love you, P-Stone. —Jake Anderson


Remember Pstone 053


P-Stone glowed with excitement. There was never a warmer person who lived life in a more awe-inspiring way. I feel lucky to have ever been in his presence and gotten to feel some of that glow. Love, respect and positive vibes to you, Preston, your family and all of your close friends. You'l be remembered forever, P-Stone. —Dan Wheatley


Remember Pstone 054
Thank you, Preston, for shining your positive light on everyone around you. Your lessons of love and respect towards everyone will forever live on. Always and forever to this amazing man, we love you. —Pat Duffy


Remember Pstone 055


P-Stone, my heart bleeds out to you and your family. I'm going to miss you. Skateboarding will never be the same. Love you, Big Dog. —Chet Childress


Remember Pstone 056


Too many awesome memories. P-Stone showed me a lot and always looked out for me as a kid. He told me to always stay alert and watch out around me. I love you, P-Stone. I know you're in heaven with your VX and a cold one filming as always! You're forever in our hearts. Positive vibes to your family and friends. —Robbie Russo


Remember Pstone 057


To my friend, P-Stone, thank you. Thank you for forcing me to learn how to roll a spliff, thank you for body slamming me and John Ponts on that Black Label trip, thank you for backside bonelessing the channel at Ramona for a steak dinner, thank you for explaining to me how to properly ingest copious quantities of beer, food and tequila in the proper form, thank you for always sticking to your Big Dog guns and being who you are. But most of all, thank you for being my friend, no matter what, for nearly 20 years, Loafy. Life will never be the same. Until the spirit world, Big Dog. —Alex Horn


Remember Pstone 058


RIP to the realist. Truly one of a kind in every aspect of life. Miss you forever! —Ishod Wair

Remember Pstone 059


I fucking love you, P-Stone. You taught me a lot about life and how to live it. You protected us and were our rock for many years. I will never forget our time together. I really loved every single moment we had together on the road. You knew every nook and cranny of this Earth and I'm glad we got to spend so many times together. It's a sad day for skateboarding and a sad day for life. We will never forget you. I'm heartbroken. P-Stone would've taken a bullet for any of his friends and I would have done the same for him. Thank you for everything. —Nuge

Remember Pstone 060


Preston Maigetter managed to fit three to four lifetime's worth of adventure and travel into his one life. (A more accurate measure of his epic journey might even be ten lifetimes.) I was quietly in awe whenever he told me about his back-to-back-to-back trips around the planet and the crazy things he encountered. He had a legendary ability to develop 1,000+ friendships and close contacts all over the globe. And the vast majority of these relationships were developed face to face, pre-smart phone, and were simply generated by his magnetic personality. He mastered what monks and self-help gurus always try to preach: that not complaining and staying positive are as close as you’re going to get to happiness. And Preston lived that way every day. His lifelong adventure of spreading stoke, documenting it and sharing it has now come to an end. Rest In Peace and condolences to his family. —Adam Creagan

Remember Pstone 061


I met Preston for the first time last year at the Tampa Am. We marveled at how we'd both worked for Thrasher for so long and had never actually met. Within 30 seconds it felt like we'd been friends for years. He invited me back to the house he was staying at and let me tag along to dinner with his crew. My heart goes out to his family and all of his friends he left behind. His love for life and good-hearted nature will never be forgotten. Rest in peace, P-Stone. Skateboarding and the world loved you, man. —Michael Sieben

Remember Pstone 062


It's a sad day for 'boardin’. We lost one of our best road dogs. I've been around the world with this guy and we clocked a lot of miles together! I didn't know it at the time, but he was teaching me how to live life to the fullest and to always rev it up for the boys—and trust me, I will continue! Don’t worry, Stone, “We got it!” We will forever keep a tight ship and continue to clock miles around the world! This BBQ and this brew is for you! Love you, Big Dog! RIP! —Neck Face


Remember Pstone 063


Rest in peace. I went on trips with P-Stone. He always looked out, always had a positive attitude about life, really seem to be enjoying the journey. Someone I looked up to and will always remember. —Andrew Reynolds

Remember Pstone 064


Reminiscing on some good times spent with the Biggest Dog. Ain't going to be the same without you, bud. He was everyone's big brother, taught everyone so much about living. Our trip to Mammoth was one for the record books. We were about 30 deep, camping out in the woods, raising hell, skating the park during the day. Accidentally ran over a jackrabbit romping around in Remy's truck. Of course, P–Stone cooked that thing up for the boys! Pretty sure we found a rave out there that year in the middle of BLM land. Nothing but smiles and so much wisdom from the gentle giant. Rest easy, my friend. —Jacob Smith


Remember Pstone 065


If there’s anything P-Stone would want us all to be doing right now it’s going out and skating with your friends. Go out and make every day the best it can be, have fun with your friends and tell them you love them. We love you, Preston, and I love all my brothers. —Dan Stolling


Remember Pstone 067


Preston lived on the couch in the living room at me and Rhino’s apartment for two years. The three of us lived and traveled together for the better part of the 1990s. Preston was always more of a gourmand then a gourmet and the same could be said about his life. He had this whole "living life” stuff figured out long before the rest of us. His positive attitude and love of life was infectious. He was the embodiment of the true meaning of skateboarding. Pure. Selfless. Fun. My face hasn't stopped leaking since I heard the news. —Andy Macdonald

Remember Pstone 068


Good ol’ Preston. He may have gone but he’s not left us. A sad day indeed. —Mark Burrows

Remember Pstone 069


This has shook me and brought tears to my eyes! Preston has helped me so many times in my life. Back in the ‘90s I used to take the train into Boston stay with him or Ben Liversedge and skate around on the freezing cold weekends. He had a long ponytail back in those days. I remember him doing his famous backside blunt at ZT Maximus. Me and Ben were so amazed at how high he could ollie for such a big guy. In later years he would stay at my house in San Francisco and help me film about three different video parts. He was always such a positive good guy to be around, took me to some cool animation festivals, housed me in San Diego as well! He even helped me in my move to Sacramento. I just was driving by a bike rack the other day and was thinking, "I remember when Preston 180 ollied over that thing.” RIP in peace, P-Stone. I can't believe this is real. —Rasmatthew Pailes 

Remember Pstone 070


I'm at a loss for words right now. We were just in CPH mobbin’ around. No matter what was going down, rain or shine, you were revving it up. A real legend. Rest easy, P-Stone. I'll be revving for life for you and everyone who can't anymore! —Jaffin Garvey

Remember Pstone 071


Preston was larger than life. He made everyone around him feel welcome and equal. You just wanted to vibe off him, his personality was infectious! The amount of people he made laugh is something not to be forgotten. Such a fucking solid, genuine human. —Wes Tonascia

Remember Pstone 072


A month ago in Copenhagen while wandering the streets alone I ran into Preston. He had just flown in from Scotland and was trying to meet up with everyone. No charged phone, no directions, no problem. I had just been with the crew and pointed him in the direction but first he wanted to tell me of the times he had and ask where I’d been. He smirked when he told me that he and “the boys” in Scotland had got on it! He knew I’d find joy in that. They were camping on the shores of the Loch Ness looking for places to skate. I asked how the camping was and his face lit up. “The Loch Ness is so chilly that all you have to do is stick your brew in there and it's icy cold all day!” His attitude wasn’t, “the lake was freezing,” or, “we had to camp in mud with not much around.” People often try to make lemons into lemonade. Well, Preston never even saw the lemons in the first place. Out on the road, P-Stone couldn't find more happiness than being around a campfire cooking up for the boys. To some he was P-Stone, to some Big Dog, to a lot Preston, but to his two boys he was Papa. Rest easy, my guy. —Lee Dupont

Remember Pstone 073


Love you so fucking much, Preston. —Ryan McWhirter

Remember Pstone 074


You could drop this guy off in the middle of a war and in a matter of minutes he'd have everyone from both sides sitting around the campfire, drinking a beer, telling stories that would make everyone laugh and smile. You brought us all together, P-Stone! RIP. —Bucky Lasek

Remember Pstone 075


The best people really do go first. Fuck. RIP, Preston! —Na’kel Smith

Remember Pstone 076


Fucking heartbroken. Thanks for the last 25 years of friendship, life lessons and laughs. Love you, buddy! Rest in P-Stone paradise! —Danny Wainwright

Remember Pstone 077


Love you, Stone. You will be missed greatly. Thanks for the good times, the BBQs, the stories and your overall outlook on life. RIP, Big Dog. —Collin Provost

Remember Pstone 078


P-Stone taught me the “what” game, how to make beer really cold by rolling it in ice and other really cool life shit! I will always cherish all the memories we had traveling this crazy world together. —Angel Ramirez

Remember Pstone 079


I shared so many unforgettable moments with this man. I’ve witnessed him sleeping while standing up in pouring rain—refusing to take a free ride across town and then we get caught in a storm in downtown Cleveland while trying to stack clips before a contest at 6:30am. His motivational coaching got me into 180 nosegrinds down a round 10-stair rail first try. P-Stone, thank you for all the great things you’ve done for me. You are an irreplaceable friend. Rip in peace! —Oscar Jordan

Remember Pstone 080


The one guy I thought would outlive us all! Going to miss ya, Big Dog! RIP to a true legend. I love you, P-Stone. —Jake Donnelly

Remember Pstone 081


P-Stone’s boundless energy for shared stoke, love of family, compassion for friends and life on the road was truly infections. The spirit of the gifted horsecontinues to inspire us worldwide. Rest easy, P-Stone. You truly nailed it in life. —Bryce Kanights

Remember Pstone 082


Thanks for giving us life. We owe you the world. Your vision changed the world as we know it. You were the first person to actually get it and there will never be another like you—before or after. Love you, P-Stone! —Al Partanen

Remember Pstone 083


P-Stone, you were the truth. You ruled at life. Love you, bro. —Mark Appleyard

Remember Pstone 084


Stoked to have experience the P-Stone vibe—a super-genuine one-of-a kind person who loved life and everything it had to offer. Thank you for everything you have done for the skateboarding community. Your kindness and love will live on forever in all of our hearts. You will be missed but not forgotten. —Tommy Sandoval

Remember Pstone 085


Rest in peace, Preston. Can't believe I'm waking up to this news. Last time I saw him 15 or 20 years must've passed, but it may as well have been five minutes. He's one of those people that gets on with everyone, never complains and hasn't a bad word to say about anyone or anything. A huge loss to the universe, skateboarding, BBQing, but most of all his beautiful family. Money coals forever. Pour out a brewery —Jagger

Remember Pstone 086


P-Stone was one of a kind, upbeat, positive no matter what and always down to go out of his way to help a friend. So many great memories you left me and everyone you touched. You don't get to meet special people all the time, so I'm glad I got to be a part of his shine the times I was. Truly miss you and my heart goes out to your wife and kids. RIP. —Bob Reynolds

Remember Pstone 087


One of the best to do it and fire it up. RIP, P-Stone —Thomas Campbell








The Big Dog! Always and forever. You taught me and everyone you encountered more than we will ever realize. Love and respect. —Noah Quayle



Always the last man standing, never a bad thing to say about others. We’re really going to miss you, man. Thank you for all you have shared with us. —Max Schaaf

I will forever be grateful for all the things you have taught me, all the places you've showed me and the countless people you have introduced me to. I remember the feeling coming home from a month-long trip with you last summer with endless memories and stories that I will never forget. No one else could do it like you and I can't help but wishing we could do it again, just one more time. You could see that even the people Preston briefly interacted with saw that there was something so special about him. Saying that he will never be forgotten is an understatement, because how could anyone ever forget P-stone? All the lessons, laughs, sessions, BBQs, swims, destinations, brewskis, warm or cold, day or night—you kept it going like you knew your time was running out. I can't believe it. Cheers to the one and only. —Oskar Rozenberg


Remember Pstone 088


I met Preston in 1993 and I am grateful to consider him one of my closest friends for the past 25 years. I logged a ton of miles and epic times with him over those years! His smile, humor and love for people was infectious to those that he encountered. One of the best dudes hands down to have on a road trip: always had everyone’s back, first guy up, last one to bed and he knew the road like nobody’s business. He was 100-percent skateboarder! You will be greatly missed. My deepest sympathy goes out to his family. Rest In peace, P-Stone —Rhino


Remember Pstone 089


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  • 'Round The Bay

    'Round The Bay
    Hit up a bunch of old and new parks with an international crew of Milton Martinez, Dario Mattarollo, Roberto Aleman, The Ox, Gut, and Raney Beres, and you're going to have a good ol' time.
  • Pool Sharks

    Pool Sharks
    Drain 'em if you can find 'em. Not easy to locate and definitely not easy to rip, but Gut, Livingston, Borden, E-Man, Jaws, Bud, Landau, and Neck got a piece.