Rest In Peace: Ryan DeWitt

WE ALL NEED someone in our lives that we can count on to be there for us in dark times or in light. No judgment, simply friendship and a validating smile.  With a caring humility, Ryan DeWitt was that to so many people. Always selfless, he was there to listen, laugh at our jokes, provide perspective on life or simply to elbow up next to you. With a keen sense of consistent fashion and flare for fun, you knew you could always count on him to drive the van, identify the species, find the spot, send the box, coach the career, pay the tab, set it up and tear it down. As the many great times we’ve had together became memories, those memories are now treasures. You’ll be missed dear friend. —Kingman

  • Total Recall: Made in China

    Total Recall: Made in China
    The Element squad was first on the scene when China's spot craze started taking off. There are some golden clips in here.