RIP in Peace: Anna Kruse

AnnaKruse Portrait Gentsch 1500February 6th, 1991 – September 30th, 2022 

Driving the country roads of northwestern Germany in an anthracite-colored Mercedes 190, dog at her side and a skateboard in the backseat, this is the image that comes to mind when I think of Anna—her unconditional love for animals, her love of art, freedom, her friends and skateboarding. Anna was fearless as fuck, believe me. It showed whether she was on her skateboard or just living life. She always followed where her heart led her. The murder of Anna and her child Stelios has been truly devastating to everyone around her and has simply left us speechless. I wasn’t as close with Anna as some of her very best friends, however, I think it would be one of her deepest wishes that everyone always keep an extra eye out for violence against women—and for animals of any kind as well. We’ll never forget you, Anna! —Thomas Gentsch

If you or anyone you know is at risk for domestic violence, contact the hotline here.

AnnaKruse RollinIn Aurich Gentsch 2000Idyllic roll-in down a brick bank in Aurich

Anna Kruse Rock to fakie Emden Gentsch 2000Rock to fakie on an Emdem volcano

Anna and company tour through Germany, sessioning amazing indoor parks and world-famous plazas

Anna perseveres through some slams and keeps charging the DIY and massive backyard ramp
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