RIP IN PEACE: Kurtis Colamonico

Kurtis Colamonico Portrait 2000Words and photos by Joe Krolick

If there was one constant thing in Kurtis’ life, it was skateboarding. If you ever were in his presence, you could feel his infectious excitement for it. He kept that passion alive through his Skate Kids instructional program and his son Kruz. Kurtis wanted to share skateboarding with everyone and make them feel included in the thing we all love so dearly. May his dedication and energy live on in everyone who steps on skateboard. We will skate again soon!

You can help the family with their memorial costs here.

Kurtis Colamonico Kickflip Krolick 2000Golden-hour kickflip with room to spare

Kurtis Colamonico Front Blunt Krolick 2000Reppin' Furnace on a front blunt back in his World days

Kurtis Colamonico Frontsude Flip Krolick 2000Sky high frontside flip

Kurtis Colamonico Backside Flip Krolick 2000Backside flip in LBC. Our thoughts go out to Kurtis' family and many friends
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