RIP IN PEACE: Vincent Nava

A life cut short is always a tragedy, heavier still when it's someone just beginning to bloom. For many of us, our introduction to Vincent Nava was his Pig Wheels part that dropped earlier this year. It had us asking, Who is this Hellraiser lookin’ dude unloading on all these rails?! Sometimes people make up for a lack of ability with a loud look, but Vincent had the chops to squash any naysayers. When I called him for an interview, I thought I might be about to talk with a young man full of fury and harsh slogans, but I was immediately struck by how kind, funny and collected he was. He loved his family, taught kids to skate and would do anything for his homies in the 10C41 crew. We should consider ourselves lucky that he shared his gift with us, unapologetically. Throw on his part next time you need an extra dose of confidence for some new clips or your kit. RIP, Vincent. Thank you for reminding us how cool it is to be an individual. —Ted Schmitz

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Help Vincent's family out HERE, or GET A SHIRT to remember him.
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