Roger's "Revenge of the Radical" Premiere

This past Saturday at No-Comply skateshop in Austin, TX, we ceremoniously exhumed the corpse of Roger skateboards and partied with him Weekend at Bernie’s style. Part brand re-launch, part video premiere, part art show, part pizza party, part hangover predecessor—the night was all smiles and big love at the best little skateshop in Texas. Welcome back to the future of radical. My apologies to your parents. —Michael Sieben

roger premiere 1 750pxRolled up to 812 W. 12th street an hour early in case I needed to have a panic attack in the bathroom before the event started

roger premiere 2 750pxBoard wall looking hella scary. Hope somebody buys these things!

roger premiere 3 750pxCouple of new ones. Logo ripoffs and poop jokes? We never claimed to be smart

roger premiere 4 750pxUh… yeah… let’s not talk about all those unsold Program boards in the back of the shop. Cool. Thanks

roger premiere 5 750pxPink champagne on ice? Nah, Lone Star, fool. It’s kinda like water except it helps you make bad decisions

roger premiere 6 750pxBentley servin’ ’em up. Cheers, Jayson

roger premiere 7 750pxFirst in line, first out the door—Nick Fritz is a connoisseur of fine herbs and reptiles

roger premiere 8 750pxDoors opened and the homies started rollin’ through. Austin Amelio, Panda and Ryan Thompson. Both these dudes skate for Roger because we know good things when we see them. Ryan’s ender in the video is completely ludicrous

roger premiere 9 750pxNothin’ but love for the Rip Riot crew!

roger premiere 10 750pxPower couple—Dylan and Stevie

roger premiere 11 750pxGood one, Dylan Photo: Shawn Collie

roger premiere 12 750pxNo-Comply co-owners Elias Bingham and Grant Jensen. Hug your local skateshop employees/owners if you got ’em. These guys hold the Austin scene down so hard

roger premiere 13 750pxMy man, Chris Batts!

roger premiere 14 750pxAnd the award for best t-shirt of the night goes to… Dapper Dan!

roger premiere 15 750pxOG Austin legend, Jon-Erik Palmer. This guy could probably ollie over your mom’s Hyundai

roger premiere 16 750pxTexas is an open-carry state and Brian Gonterman ain’t afraid to flash his guns. Did I really just type that?

roger premiere 17 750pxI’ve been skating with this dude since I was 15—Jason Schmale, Luling’s top-rated mini-ramp champ. Dahlstrom for life Photo: Shawn Collie

roger premiere 18 750px“Check it out.” Thanks for the love, Jake. Hope it didn’t make your parents frown forever

roger premiere 19 750pxTime to head outside for the video premiere. There was easily another 500 people at the shop by the time the video started—I swear! Photo: Shawn Collie

roger premiere 20 750pxRoger version 1.0 alumni, Max Taylor. If you need a reminder… Photo: Shawn Collie

roger premiere 21 750pxFlint, Tito and John holdin’ it down. Forgot to get the dude in the back’s name, and for that I apologize. I also forgot to get the dog’s name. I blame the Lone Star

roger premiere 22 750pxIf you don’t think the kids are alright, you’re probably a dick

roger premiere 23 750pxLife imitates art

roger premiere 24 750pxRoof time! Grant ascends, Elias grins Photo: Shawn Collie

roger premiere 25 750pxThe man with the plan! Calvin Millar put this video together and we can’t thank him enough. It takes a village to raise a Roger Photo: Shawn Collie

roger premiere 26 750pxAnd… begin Photo: Shawn Collie

roger premiere 27 750pxReally good job, everybody. So stoked on how this one turned out. The video is digitally premiering today on this very website, so please click play and welcome Roger back to life. We promise not to change his name again for at least five years. Also, special thanks to No-Comply, Lone Star, Austin’s Pizza and Guayaki Yerba Mate for sponsoring the event. Also, also, thanks to everybody who came out to support our micro brand. We’re not the biggest skate company, but we might just be the worst. If you need a little Weed and Cobras in your life, please hit up No-Comply. They’ll take care of you Photo: Shawn Collie
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