Rowan Zorilla's Memory Lane

Rowan Intro 1 750px


You don't just turn pro over night. Nah, nah, Rowan's been putting it down on the streets for days! Check out this gallery chronicling his journey from humble Shep Dawg to top-tier professional shredder. Congrats Rowan!


Row5Shep Dawgin' with T-Spliff at the Green Monster.  Photo: Rhoades

RowBS5050Photo: Rhoades

RowCrooksCrooks bonk, groms gone wild.  Photo: Rhoades

RowSWNSazuzaOh, he'll be back to this thing...  Photo: Rhoades


Free air at Home Ave. Photo: Rhoades

RowHorseCrookfakeBrokeback crooked grind. Photo: Rhoades

DSC 2704 DZ CUTShep Dawgs forever!!!  Photo: Rhoades

RowBarleyBakeradRowan's first Baker ad!  Photo: Rhoades

RowanBoardslide DZ

DSC 1596 2 LL2 DZ EDIT

 And then his first cover. Funny how fast things move. 


DSC 0451 copy DZ

 Once people found out about Zorilla, he was on the road non-stop. Vans put him to work on Propeller and he's never looked back. 



DSC 1068 copy


DSC 1094


Rowan 1


DSC 1292 DZ


DSC 1930 2


DSC 2133


DSC 3064


DSC 3448


DSC 4102


DSC 4139


DSC 4549 DZ


DSC 4556



Rowan 2



DSC 5340


DSC 5471


DSC 6209 copy


DSC 6270 copy


DSC 6425 copy


DSC 6651


DSC 6658 DZ


DSC 6831 copy


DSC 6878


Rowan 3


DSC 7077


DSC 7350 copy


DSC 7403 DZ 2


DSC 7321


DSC 8353


DSC 8769




DSC 4670 copy DZ


 MG 0598 DZThis foolhardy move cemented Rowan's proto-legend status in a lot of people's minds.  Photo: Hlavachek 

Victory lap on the recent SOTY Hawaii trip. 

DSC 8784 copy DZ2
DSC 8207 copy DZ


DSC 3714


DSC 3731

 Z-Rolling into the future!

DSC 0843 DZ 1 CUT

Cover #2. Good job, Rowan! The future is yours!  Photo: Rhoades

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