Santa Cruz's "Til the End" Premiere Photos

Santa Cruz skateboards has been around since 1973, when the skate industry was still in its infancy. The brand has sponsored hundreds of riders, many rising up through the ranks and becoming top-tier pro rippers. This latest offering from the ‘Cruz features a new crop of ams who’ve scoured the world on the Red Circle’s dime, searching out terrain to terrorize for this vid, proving yet again that Santa Cruz is down for skateboarding Til The End. But I got a feeling this is just the beginning for these new SC riders. —Joe Hammeke

01 750pxJoe Perrin and Eric Palozzolo, the men behind the lenses

02 750pxParking-lot premiere, gates open at 7

03 750pxKevin Braun, obviously happy with his part

04 750pxEric Dressen reppin’ the OG Salba T

05 750pxSanta Cruzers in attendance: Joe Perrin, Kevin Braun, Dylan Williams, Jake Wooten, Maurio McCoy, Eric Palozzolo and Eric D

06 750pxDylan Williams and Kevin Braun peep the teaser on Pallozolo’s phone

07 750pxMaurio McCoy’s family made the trip to LA from PA

08 750pxFree beer always brings a crowd

09 750pxSo does free pizza. Chris Stuker delivers a grip of pies from Pizzanista

10 750pxAlmost showtime

11 750pxPalozzolo introduces the vid while SC filmer Joe Perrin cues up the projector

12 750pxTwilight showing

13 750pxForty-five years deep

14 750pxAll new ams

15 750pxKeepin’ it going

16 750pxTrevor Colden gives it a thumbs up

17 750pxKevin Braun knows if you got the tricks you’ll get the chicks

18 750pxAnd that’s a wrap! Til the End premieres on today!
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