Seacliff Skatepark Opening Photos

The skaters of Seacliff, California, finally have a new park to call home thanks to Santa Cruz and Dreamland Skateparks. Nora, Eman, Braun and a bunch of the NHS family went down for the opening. It was a rad day, blessed with good weather and some high-flying ripping at one of our new favorite parks.

Words and photos by Eric Palozzolo

SeacliffParkOpening 1Nothing like the smell of a skatepark opening in the morning  

SeacliffParkOpening 2Brought to you by the best in the biz (and also someone's grandma )

SeacliffParkOpening 3There it is, in all its pool-coping, box-jumping glory

SeacliffParkOpening 3.5They call this section "The Boat" 

SeacliffParkOpening 4The formula for any good park is flow plus fun. Dreamland nails these two every time

SeacliffParkOpening 5A dash of bricks—nice touch! 

SeacliffParkOpening 6If Red builds it, Eman's gonna skate it—simple as that  

SeacliffParkOpening 7Jeff and the next generation of Kendalls

SeacliffParkOpening 8Santa Cruz pro Kevin Braun brought Zoee as his plus-one

SeacliffParkOpening 9From O-Side to Aptos, Nora and Nicole get out of the house for some fresh air

SeacliffParkOpening 10Back from Oz, Gavin Denike and Anthony Batech lock down the beanie scene

SeacliffParkOpening 11Maurio McCoy makes Zaid Arikat feel comfortable settling in with his new crew 

SeacliffParkOpening 12Responsible dog owner Paul Merrell brings the bags for his little poop factory. DAF Noah and Matty Contreras were there too (but required no poop bags)

SeacliffParkOpening 13Joe Perrin with Tiltmode bros Erik Monnie and Louie Barletta 

SeacliffParkOpening 14Nora catches some quick air before the ribbon cutting 

SeacliffParkOpening 15But first, a thoughtful message from Red

SeacliffParkOpening 16Skatepark brought to you by these legends 
 SeacliffParkOpening 17There they are! Rowland and Pat Rebele along with Mr. NHS himself, Richard Novak

SeacliffParkOpening 18Thankfully, they nixed the champagne christening during the ribbon cutting 

SeacliffParkOpening 19Lights, camera—wait, we've got a boom in the shot!

SeacliffParkOpening 20Nothing sparks the session like a saxophone. And now—we really skate! 
SeacliffParkOpening 21Captain Mark "Red" Scott is the first on the boat
 SeacliffParkOpening 22
Joining the crew, Eman airs up to the frontside grind

SeacliffParkOpening 23Ryan slides his tail through the starboard bow—or is it port side?

SeacliffParkOpening 24Let the air show begin! Jereme Knibbs tweaks a grasser on the box jump

SeacliffParkOpening 25Marley Humphrey did a tailgrab one footer, but not the cool benihana way

SeacliffParkOpening 26Nora Vasconcellos prefers to let the back foot hang off while sailing over the box jump

SeacliffParkOpening 27What demo would be complete without a blunt fingerflip from Louie Barletta?

SeacliffParkOpening 28Hope you got your commemorative t-shirt! Thanks again for the new skatepark, Novack, Santa Cruz and Dreamland! We'll be back for another ride on the boat soon enough!
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