Shari White's "Keepsake" Toronto Premiere Photos

Last weekend in Toronto, everyone was invited to the premiere of Shari White’s latest Vans vid Keepsake. It was hosted at Expo Vintage shop on the west side of the city and included a ripping ramp jam presented by Queer Skate Toronto. Swipe through to see the cast, crew and many other great soles.

LEBELPHOTO KEEPSAKE 3530 ArrivalWalking up, we get a first look at the crowd

LEBELPHOTO KEEPSAKE 3537 BeerKoozieVans shoozie?! Check

LEBELPHOTO KEEPSAKE 3547 QueerSkateTorontoOnce inside, the ramp was already heating up with our friends from Queer Skate Toronto

LEBELPHOTO KEEPSAKE 3550 QueerSkateTorontoThe Smith grind, a ramp classic

LEBELPHOTO KEEPSAKE 3555 FayEbertBackDisasterFay Ebert rips a back D

LEBELPHOTO KEEPSAKE 3568 SaiSai prefers the back slash

LEBELPHOTO KEEPSAKE 3581 QueerSkateTorontoNothin' but love in the room

LEBELPHOTO KEEPSAKE 3586 QueerSkateTorontoThe crowd was into it

LEBELPHOTO KEEPSAKE 3593We always gotta get someone with pink hair in these blogs. Even better when they're ripping

LEBELPHOTO KEEPSAKE 3594 AnnieAnnie pinches the pivot

LEBELPHOTO KEEPSAKE 3596Free gear?! Fuck yeah, they got it!

LEBELPHOTO KEEPSAKE 3602 OutsideBack outside we got a helluva scene gathering

LEBELPHOTO KEEPSAKE 3608 OutsideAnd a big-ass Half Cab!


LEBELPHOTO KEEPSAKE 3620Johnny Avery CephasNova Scotia's own Johnny Purcell made an appearance alongside Avery and Cephas from The Bunt

LEBELPHOTO KEEPSAKE 3621Dustin and BigSexyThe newest Frog and Keepsake castmember Dustin Henry caught up with Big Sexy

LEBELPHOTO KEEPSAKE 3622Mikaela Shari Jake DylanFinally! We see Mikaela, our guest of honor Shari, Jake and Dylan

LEBELPHOTO KEEPSAKE 3624SebShoeYou thought that Half Cab was the only big shoe on the scene?! Seb makes it a pair

LEBELPHOTO KEEPSAKE 3626Seb and FanAnd the fans went wild for it

LEBELPHOTO KEEPSAKE 3629BuntTeam DonovanAnthony CephasThe full cast and their friend Anthony on site. Rapid fire: favorite host, go!

LEBELPHOTO KEEPSAKE 3631Those shoes were a hit


LEBELPHOTO KEEPSAKE 3634GirlsIt's just not the same without one

LEBELPHOTO KEEPSAKE 3656It's a hightop and like a child's size four, or maybe five?

LEBELPHOTO KEEPSAKE 3657Abby MikaelaI thought I was here for the party pics. Abby and Mikeala thought backup would be nice, though

LEBELPHOTO KEEPSAKE 3658Okay, maybe Mikeala didn't

LEBELPHOTO KEEPSAKE 3660GirlsMore squads still rollin' in

LEBELPHOTO KEEPSAKE 3661Norma BeatriceHad to snap up the VIPs: fellow photographer Norma Ibarra and Vans rider Beatrice Domond

LEBELPHOTO KEEPSAKE 3663Slip-on? Nah, slip out!

LEBELPHOTO KEEPSAKE 3666VansShoe FayEbertLemme try!

LEBELPHOTO KEEPSAKE 3671VansShoeRisky off the rip. I'm gonna move on before I see the other shoe fall

LEBELPHOTO KEEPSAKE 3674HotdogStandFree hotdogs, too!

LEBELPHOTO KEEPSAKE 3679OutsideTop graphic like the Muska

LEBELPHOTO KEEPSAKE 3680Duke JesseLandenDuke, Jesse and Landen can't wait for the vid to start

LEBELPHOTO KEEPSAKE 3635PremiereAlright, we're all here

LEBELPHOTO KEEPSAKE 3638PremiereStanding room only!

LEBELPHOTO KEEPSAKE 3640PremiereAnd the crowd is wowed by the glory of what I think is a pop shove tailgrab


LEBELPHOTO KEEPSAKE 3652PremiereAnd the Credits roll

LEBELPHOTO KEEPSAKE 3682And the reception: two tongues out!

LEBELPHOTO KEEPSAKE 3685ConorNeeson RyanConor, which way is home?

LEBELPHOTO KEEPSAKE 3686ConorOf course, over there! Congrats again to Shari and all the Vans riders. Can't wait for you to see the product of all their hard work. If you're in NYC on Thursday, July 13th, there will be a premiere at the Vans Space 198. RSVP here. Thank you, and goodnight

Keepsake Flyer 1500
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