The Top 8 SOTY Finalists

We'll be announcing the 2014 Skater of the Year this Saturday night, but until then check our top 8 finalists and let us know who YOU think should take the only title that matters. Congratulations to all our contenders. What an amazing year!

Bobby Worrest

Age: 28
Sponsors: Krooked, Nike, Spitfire, Independent, Roughneck, Pitcrew, Chrome, Bones Swiss, Death Squad, Freedumb
Home: NY, NY (via Washington, DC)
Big Moves in 2014: Just when you thought the death of e's was gonna take Bobby with it, DC's favorite son bounced back with his all-Pulaski part, Hometown Turf Killer, followed up mad quick with the So-Cal-centric Luxury and Loudness and a spot on the swoosh via an unheard of third-in-a-year Quartersnacks part. Heavy ledge work, switch rail moves to make Guy jealous and that push, push, push, push. Right guy, right time, so rad!
Indelible image: first trick - backside noseblunt the Pulaski flower pot

Verdict: True East

More Bobby Worrest:
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Luxury and Loudness

Nyjah Huston

Age: 19
Sponsors: DC, Element, Monster, Stance, Diamond, Ricta, Mob, AYC
Home: San Juan Capistrano, CA (via Davis, CA)
Big Moves in 2014: Nyjah laid low in 2014, meaning he only won almost all the contests, put out insane ads and absolutely killed King of the Road evidence now playing.
Indelible image: Trophy raised high!
Verdict: Still the best

More Nyjah Huston:
King of the Road 2014
Mile High Conspiracy

Ishod Wair

Age: 23
Sponsors: Real, Nike, Thunder, Spitfire, Fourstar, Anthony's Cookies, Stance, Monster, Diamond, Shake Junt, Bones Swiss, Epoke Eyewear, Helas, Exit Skateshop
Home: Philadelphia, PA and Long Beach, CA
Big Moves in 2014: The reigning SOTY cranked into the new year in the awesome Soty Naawwsty video and never stopped ripping (chafing be damned!) From the weight of the maneuvers in his #2TERMZ interview in the new mag (and over-the-top tail slide cover) the possibility of a back-to-back repeat isn't really that far fetched. And he's got another video part out next week …
Indelible image: that KC double kink 5-0
Verdict: Can't stop, won't stop!

More Ishod Wair:
SOTY Naawwsty
Thrasher Cover
Thrasher Cover

Wes Kremer

Age: 25
Sponsors: Sk8mafia, DC, Royal, OJ, Paradox
Home: San Diego, CA
Big Moves in 2014: The first real handrail dark slide, monster kinkers, switch big flips and bong hits of casual gnar in his Crusty and Extra Crusty parts made 2014 a big year for Wes. Then that Sk8mafia Pack of Hydes part came out ...
Indelible image: Clipper magic!
Verdict: Yes on Wes

More Wes Kremer:
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Extra Crusty By Nature
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Louie Barletta

Age: 40-ish
Sponsors: enjoi, Globe, Krux, NC boardshop, Bones Swiss, Pig, Mob
Home: San Jose, CA
Big Moves in 2014: If skateboarding is the fountain of youth, then Louie Barletta must be beer-bonging that shit. Even in the wake of a wacky-skating boom, Louie's Oververt part not only reconfirmed his role as the king of the good-times 'boarders, but as a brand-manager to be reckoned with - ferrying the enjoi ship to higher ground following the departure of a couple of key players. That hand-up to fakie in The Hook was no fuckin' joke, either!
Indelible image: Unwigged!
Verdict: The second oldest dude to get the cover (and have fun doing it)

More Louie Barletta:
Thrasher Cover

Torey Pudwill

Age: 24
Sponsors: Plan B, DVS, Venture, Grizzly, Diamond, Red Bull, Bones Swiss, Dakine, Nixon, Markisa, Loud, Happy Hour, Skatelab
Home: Simi Valley, CA
Big Moves in 2014: T-Puds was everywhere in 2014, earning two amazing covers, rifling out the NBD combos and stoking the fire with his Supernova part - all leading up to this big Plan B True bonanza. If the photos and hype are any indication, expect nothing less than a proper face melting from Torey P. 
Indelible image: that Oakland Courthouse backside smith
Verdict: Grizzly does it!

More Ishod Wair:
Thrasher Cover
Thrasher Cover


Brandon Westgate

Age: 25
Sponsors: Emerica, Zoo York, Ricta, Bro Style, Venture, Dakine, Westgate Cranberries
Home: Carver, MA
Big Moves in 2014:  Saving his best for last, Westgate bounced back from a spine injury with his recent video, Zoo England, a master's class in classic East Coast grit and burl. His second gate-fold cover in 16 months shows that no single page can contain his massive maneuvers and that uphill slide marks yet another barrier being broken.
Indelible image: Gotta be that up-slide gatefold cover

Verdict: (Still) the definitive East Coast powerhouse

More Brandon Westgate:
Thrasher Cover
Zoo England

Cory Kennedy

Age: 24
Sponsors: Girl, Nike, Fourstar, Royal, Spitfire, Glassy, Bones Swiss, Fish Co.
Home: Tacoma, WA (via Lake Stephens, WA)
Big Moves in 2014: What if you could do whatever trick you wanted, on any terrain, and from any era, all while enjoying a cocktail with your friends and wearing comfortable beachwear? This whole "skateboarding = suffering" thing? Cory Kennedy found a loophole. Bean plants in Birkenstocks, triple kink backside grinds, ledge demonics - all with a laugh and a smile. Rat Poison, Soty Naaawsty, Raw Buffalo, Relapse of Luxury, This Ain't No Safari, Cory Goes BellingHAM and a ton of other bits and pieces documented his 2014 destruction.
Indelible image: that kickflip frontside wallride
Verdict: Fun gets gnarly gets even more fun!

More Cory Kennedy:
SOTY Naawwsty
Raw Buffalo
Relapse of Luxury
This Ain't No Safari
Cory Goes Bellingham
Kickflip Frontside Wallride

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