SOTY Party 2018 Photos

Every December we gather in SF to ordain the newly minted SOTY. This year’s party might’ve just been the best celebration to date. Congrats, TYSHAWN!


DZB 3197 DZ 750pxOutside, Chenzo’s in line!

 DSC6189 DZ 750pxBest dressed: BA and Active Erica

 DSC6257 DZ 750pxJagger, Sage, Nak and Dill—Supreme comes correct

 DSC6160 DZ 750pxThree generations of Bay Area: FTC Ando, Doug and Ron Allen

 DSC6251 DZ 750pxCool kids, Sage and Dill

DZB 3241 DZ 750pxInside, the DJs were warming it up

DZB 3215 DZ 750pxGirl posse in effect!

 DSC6152 DZ 750pxThe backbone of the mag

DZB 3254 DZ 750pxTeam!

DZB 3255 DZ 750pxClose up of dude’s boots. Lethal!

DZB 3259 DZ 750pxPeep that velour suit! Olivia, Ellie and Maggie

 DSC6165 DZ 750pxBurndog, Sieben, and Tony V—HSP honchos

 DSC6168 DZ 750pxSchmitty, Pizzle and Lee Berman

DZB 3265 DZ 750pxGary’s grill—V chill

 DSC6230 DZ 750pxTyshawn makes it a family affair in SF

DZB 3219 DZ 750pxBring your memorabilia and get it signed. Check eBay soon

DZB 3269 DZz 750pxAndrew Langi was there! Get better, dude!

 DSC6192 DZ 750pxOur Life and Lower Bobs finest

DZB 3228 DZ 750pxGershon sighting!

DZB 3270 DZ 750pxBerman and Shier, sole overlords

 DSC6237 DZ 750pxSupreme squad Blessed again! This time at Tyshawn’s SOTY party

 DSC6200 DZ 750pxDLX’s SOTY Ishod with Jake D

 DSC6275 DZ 750pxJohnny Wilson, Benny Magliano, Ave, Strobeck and Aidan Mackey. Heavy crew

DZB 3279 DZ 750pxRhino and Alden, truck and wheel czars

DZB 3299 DZ 750pxStill early but the floor was getting hot

 DSC6210 DZ 750pxSFC FTC Curtin and Tory Hereford

 DSC6213 DZ 750pxSF past and present: Tafari, Milligan, Lil Dre and Cairo

DZB 3344 DZ 750pxJahn!

 DSC6280 DZ 750pxFA founding fathers, Ave and Dill. Legends!

DZB 3235 DZ 750pxcNice shirt, Doug. PT, is that you? Fresh jacket, Cam

 DSC6245 DZ 750pxRowan and KB going for the Corey Hart look

 DSC6282 DZ 750pxJacuzzi Lou and his lady

DZB 3313 DZ 750pxCreepy, BA, a peaceful homie and Burndog

DZB 3353 DZ 750pxBro, Blessed was insane! Sean Pablo

 DSC6286 DZ 750pxThe girls love Cool James. SF ladies are always looking hella fresh

DZB 3312 DZ 750pxTwo of the finest/smoothest. You know who the hell they are

 DSC6295 DZ 750pxSFC to the ATL—all were in attendance

 DSC6301 DZ 750pxStancemen: J Jessee and R Kingman

DZB 3337 DZ 750pxIn full effect

 DSC6310 DZ 750pxThree-stripe camp: Cairo and Jake Donnelly

 DSC6316 DZ 750pxUpstate NY’s finest: Todd Jordan, J Fish and Matt D

DZB 3362 DZ 750pxJake’s ready to deliver

DZB 3383 DZ 750px“There’s only one…”

DZB 3398 DZ 750pxTyshawn Jones put in the work

 DSC6359 DZ 750pxSOTY ’18!

 DSC6474 DZ 750pxWho Kid approved!

DZB 3469 DZ 750pxThis shit right here! TJ’s mom and grandma

 DSC6720 DZ 750pxHyped!

DZB 3499 DZ 750pxDill and Bill in the moment—FA with two SOTYs in their lineup now!

DZB 3546 DZ 750px“Thank you to everyone…”

DZB 3559 DZ 750pxIt got a bit emotional

DZB 3654 DZ 750pxThe cream rises to the top. Tyshawn is a champion!

DZB 3895 DZ 750px@monroeflowtfm intertude

DZB 3921 DZ 750pxGirls twerkin’, Ando workin’

 DSC6635 DZ 750pxLarry June closed it out

 DSC6540 DZ 750pxDream big and work hard. It pays off, kids! Congrats, Tyshawn! Now get ready for that SOTY trip!

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