Spitfire x Volcom's "SLO Burn" Photos

Spitfire x Volcom: SLO Burn

Nor Cal does favors. When Remy and the Volcom dudes asked us to meet them halfway in SLO town for a freak out we were down. Our rolling side show came complete with old and new, drunk and sober. They put us in this nice place, kinda like a mini Carbondale. They shut off the bands and the property owner got out the water hose. Cops were everwhere. It was like a tradeshow with dirt on the ground. Some highlights were two 900s, Max and Remy ripping, one Lopez, Grant's kicky 9's, nice ramp, good sound, and beautiful weather. Next time lets do it on Alcatraz–that way we're already in jail. –Jake Phelps

Photos by Joe Brook

Peabody stacking Our Life clips

Hella miles between these guys Phelper and Mic-e

Phelper, perfect form

The fuzz ruined our session at Solvang

Posse in effect

Bros, Dollin and Rowan

Big Dog blew his tranny out. Down but never out.

Phelper breaking it down for Grant. Epic stories for days!

Alden wheeling us around

Dirty windows = Art

Alex Milder 70 years from now

Burman drug rugs and Jo Jo potatoes. Hide your daughters

Phelper, Hewitt, Gerwer and Stu

Our Life master mind, aftermath of face plant

When things start getting dark. Hager bro, Uncle Neck and Grant fire it up!

Big Dog and Alden holding down the grill

Night vibes campfire

4 Star accommodations

Gerwer still dreaming, Nasty Neck being nasty

Morning with the crew

Mic-e taste of glory. Last nights left overs.

Bacon wrapped marshmellows and some slop for breakfast

What would Bette Milder do if she saw Dustin doing this to her grandson!

The Brock's were in the mix!!!

Alex showing Jasper Brock how to get down and dirty

We need to reverse engineer this tent

Brock and Schaaf

Big Dogs hair dont's keep the kids guessing.

Artist/Culinary wizard Neck feeding the troops.

The kids skating at 8:30am

Resident ripper Ryder, early morning shred.

Kids in skate paradise

The main attraction

Rich Lopez

Burman stale nosegrind pre pig

Nothing like a pig carcass to fire up a session

Remy proper form eggplant

Gerwer and Caswell, epic bros

Bad Shit killed it while the crew shredded!

Rowan doing a coping dance to Bad Shit

The future is looking bright, Seth Sanders

Eben and his son Aiden

Rich Lopez avoids the swine via Judo air

Grant and TNT

Remy, Volcom's master mind, takes time to 5-0 swine extension

Major photo incentive here for Logan Frank

David and Ratt Black were shredding

Oak towns finest Max Schaaf, frontside air

Grant takes it from low to high via Stalefish

Epic times. Thanks Spitfire and Volcom!!!

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