Supreme's "Candyland" Premiere Photos

The night before the Supreme store opening in San Francisco, Strobeck and his merry band of collaborators showed off their newest video, Candyland, to a modest gathering of select skaters. Down in the Mission at a bar called the Make Out Room, the usual cast of Supreme’s cinematic universe mingled with their newest featured players, a crowd of GXers and a hundred or so SF locals. Despite the big business glow around the global skate fashion brand, the whole thing stayed true to any good skate premiere—skaters got hyped, fireworks were lit off in the street, cops were called and many, many faces were zoomed into. Here are some photos to show what it looks like when your favorite skaters get packed into a disco bar dance room —Ted Schmitz


Supreme Candyland Premiere 1 750pxWhat kind of premiere post on Thrasher would this be if it didn’t start with Mason Silva riding up? 


Supreme Candyland Premiere 2 750pxThe attending skaters listened to the marquee and displayed much public affection for Candyland’s cast at the Make Out Room. Also, no mention of the video on the marquee is kind of a power move


Supreme Candyland Premiere 3 750pxSurprisingly little making out by the box logo


Supreme Candyland Premiere 5 750pxThis picture is calledThe SOTY and The GOATEE


Supreme Candyland Premiere 6 750pxHey, Nak, hold my jacket? 


Supreme Candyland Premiere 7 750pxCaleb Barnett can attest, the safest investment is gold


Supreme Candyland Premiere 8 750pxThis dog got in by having the name of the night—Pablo! 


Supreme Candyland Premiere 9 750pxYeah, just behind Sean Pablo, Na-Kel is on his phone again 


Supreme Candyland Premiere 10 750pxI heard it was Cher Autumn’s—aka Cher Strauberry on Instagram—first video premiere, which she also just so happened to be in. It was rad to hear one of the loudest cheers of the night for her backside heel at EMB


Supreme Candyland Premiere 11 750pxI’m just going to leave this here in case they feel like making a shirt out of it and letting me skim some royalties


Supreme Candyland Premiere 13 750pxIt says it right there on the front of Sage Elsesser’s sweatshirt, “Thank you Supreme for everything.” How’s that for some wholesome PDA?


Supreme Candyland Premiere 14 750pxWilliam Strobeck, legitimizer of the super-close-up-face-before-trick filming style warned me not to write this caption like that


Supreme Candyland Premiere 15 750pxWhat kind of Make Out Room would it be without a disco ball and, like, 300 lbs. of beads and tinsel? 


Supreme Candyland Premiere 17 750pxBen Kadow doesn’t only slam, he also smiles


Supreme Candyland Premiere 18 750pxWhat’s not shown is that everyone in the room had this exact same phone case. 


Supreme Candyland Premiere 19 750pxThis picture is just called The SOTY and the GOAT, which doesn’t rhyme as well as the earlier photo of BA 


Supreme Candyland Premiere 20 crowd and Welsh 750pxThe Make Out Room’s maximum occupancy was almost certainly met. And, yes, Rob Welsh is somewhere in this photo


Supreme Candyland Premiere 21 Gary Rogers 750pxThrasher’s own Gary Rogers preferred his own soundtrack


Supreme Candyland Premiere 22 Aidan Mackey Rown Zorilla John Sciano 750pxAidan Mackey, Rowan Zorilla and Jon Sciano locked down the front row early 


Supreme Candyland Premiere 23 Bill Strobeck talking 750pxBill Strobeck introduced the video with a stern warning not to fucking film the video 


Supreme Candyland Premiere 24 Bill Strobeck Jacket 750pxThat number has some serious wait times, so I’ve been told


Supreme Candyland Premiere 27 750pxJeff Carlyle of GX and now Candyland with his fellow skater 


Supreme Candyland Premiere 28 750pxIt was too nerve racking to point a camera directly at Atiba so here’s a photo of his sweet hoodie


Supreme Candyland Premiere 29 750pxEveryone’s favorite skater, Kader!


Supreme Candyland Premiere 30 750pxLove lives on 


Supreme Candyland Premiere 31 Jason Dill and Na Kel Smith 750pxTwo Fucking Awesome skaters, Jason Dill and Na-Kel Smith 


Supreme Candyland Premiere 32 Leaving Premiere 750pxIt’s closing time for the Make Out Room. You don’t have to make out at home, you just can’t do it here


Supreme Candyland Premiere 34 Pablo Tag 750pxPublic art we can all get behind


Supreme Candyland Premiere 35 750pxThe next night, the Supreme store on Market opened. When are we gonna get that Supreme X Elmo drop?


Supreme Candyland Premiere 36 Thrasher Supreme Jacket 750pxThe best Supreme gear was on display outside the store 


Supreme Candyland Premiere 37 Frank Gerwer and Tom 750pxFrank Gerwer and his trusty companion, Come On, Tom just happened to pass by on their nightly walk 


Supreme Candyland Premiere 38 Middle Finger Hoodie 750px“What is the perfect jacket to wear against the window while a hundred people are waiting to get in the store?”


Supreme Candyland Premiere 39 Corey Duffel 750pxCorey Duffel and Rachel Travers rolled through


Supreme Candyland Premiere 40 Kader Sylla Aidan Mackey and Stephen Ostrowski 750pxStephen Ostrowski giving Kader a freestyle trick tip 


Supreme Candyland Premiere 41 Pablo Posters 750pxPablo Forever

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