Supreme's "Play Dead" Photo Feature

20221017DAVE05 BG EXTSeeing a new Supreme thing comin’ down the pike, we called up our friend Ben K to help us show off some fresh flicks of the cast. Enjoy his musings alongside photos of Tyshawn, Troy, Kader and the crew. As seen in our Jan. 2023 mag.

Photos by Atiba, Taketomo and Colen

Caption Ben Art Fuck This 2 2000

This isn’t a watch on your phone alone kinda video. Get your gang together to experience the full-length event of the season

KaderBoardslideAtiba DZ
Kader Sylla Boardslide Kader vs yellow shirt guy. Ka-ching
Nik Stain nollie into bank patterson2 Colen 6 26 22 DZ
Caption Nik Stain Nollie—Fighting with fire, the dragon attacks. Burning the cross and unleashing the powers of hell; Cursed are the mortals who dare to fight with the beast
Collage 1 2000210413 PHL 01803 Taketomo DZ
Caption Kris Switch Heel Kris is classy. switch heel the 10-stair
Ben Kadow bs 5050 3 Colen 7 17 22 DZ
Caption Ben 5050 Ben bs 5050-J. Wilson in the background not doing his job!
Aidan Mackey nollie 180 ss crooks1 Colen 9 1 22 DZ
Caption Aidan Nollie Half cab crooks Aidan attacking the christian faith with depravity and vengeance. Nollie half-Cab crook
200907 PHL 00024 Taketomo DZ
Caption Seven Strong 360 flip Three flips for Seven Strong
Collage 2200709 PHL 00029 Taketomo DZ
Caption Kader backside 5050 2000 Kader bs 5050— Destiny calls me. One night of fire. One shot of Glory
Ben Kadow boardslide chinatown3 Colen 9 21 22 DZ
Caption Ben Baordslide 2000 Ben boardslide—"Burn like the midday sun, ow" Paul Stanley
000091190002 DZ
000558130005 DZ
220823 NYC 00254 Taketomo DZ
Caption Troy Gipson FS NosegrindTroy is cool, more Troy photos please
Collage 3 2000Sully5050NYCAtiba 2 DZ
Caption Sully drop in 2000 Sullivan drops in. He dropped out of high school. You should too
Ben Kadow 5050 Houston Bench1 Colen 9 29 22 DZ
Caption Ben 5050 2 2000 Ben fs
210612 NYC 01285 Taketomo DZ
Caption Tyshawn Jones Hardflip 2000
Auguste Bouznad ride on grind midtown 7 17 22 Colen DZ
Caption Auguste Grind 2000
000084240032 DZCollage 4 2000000213930007 DZ
000250640035 DZ
Sherb NStain BSOllie OverRailBank NJ DZ
Caption Nik Stain Ollie 2000 If you don't cut this out and tape it to your wall you're a jerk
000521510013 DZ
220702 PHL 00263 Taketomo DZ
Tyshawn Jones Ollie caption 2000 Tyshawn reminds us that the early '00s are over. This concludes bump-to-can skating
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