Tampa Am 2014 Photos

Words & photos: Rhino

The 22nd annual Skatepark of Tampa Am contest went down this weekend.  300 ams competing in he event. It was hectic to say the least. The SPOT built some new concrete in the lot so the party zone was going off. Some insane skateboarding was going down all weekend. Here are some photos from some of the weekend in and around the SPOT. When it was all said and done 13 year old Jagger Eaton beat out 300 ams and took home first place and into the history books!

Welcome to Skatepark of Tampa, Rowan greeting the crowd with some eggs

Tampa tech haircut

Dice games going down

The contest was packed wall to wall

I hear the Bro Bowl days might be numbered, Blake Johnson frontside blaster

Taylor Kirby spins a backside nosegrab 360 NBD

The streets are tough in Tampa, Eli Tennant frontside kick flip into bank

Rowan Zorilla board width roll up, kick flip fakie switch ride down

Back at the SPOT the outdoor concrete was getting tore up, Evan Smith showed up

Grind For Life!

Last years winner Jack Olson, Robbie Brockel and Tim Zom

J Brock and Scuba holding it down

2/3’s of Arctic Nuge and Frecks

The other 1/3 Figgy getting a tattoo by Lance Conklin

The quiet before the egg storm

The Moat race was epic

Looked like 'Nam out there

In the back bowl Brad McClain blasting over the hip

Jake Wooten taking it up to the big wall and back in

Jake Welch ollie out to blunt stab

T Funk boneless over the hole

Jagger Eaton FSO

Volcom’s Remy and Alec Majerus

Rowan nosegrind over the doorway

The Nike crew showed up for a session, Grant Taylor blasting a lien air for the crowd

GT floats a  backside ollie over the doorway


Yeah it's Corry and Thomas Taylor, always having a good time!

Congrats to Jagger Eaton 1st Place, Micky Papa 2nd and Hermann Stene 3rd Place Photo: Alex Uncapher

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