Thrasher Skate Loteria

Loteria is like Mexican bingo, but instead of boring numbers it uses bad-ass images. And when each card is read out loud they are described in a cryptic riddle. The next time you go skating, which of these cards will you pull?

As seen in the May 2015 issue.

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  • GRIMPLESTIX: True Full

    GRIMPLESTIX: True Full
    Frank, Pete, Teddy and Evan take the new Grimple True Full shape for a ride.
  • Greyson Fletcher's "Leave Blood" Arbor Part

    Greyson Fletcher's "Leave Blood" Arbor Part
    Greyson goes fast and gets pitched while puttin' in the work for Arbor.
  • Gas Giants' "HYDROGEN" Video

    Gas Giants' "HYDROGEN" Video
    Ish hits Hawaii, Berlin, New York and more, chasing the good times for Gas Giants.
  • SKATELINE: 11.23.2021

    SKATELINE: 11.23.2021
    Gary breaks down Spitfire's Scenic video, Zero's Painkiller video, Martino Cattaneo's Madness part, Mark Suciu's Spitfire part and more in today's episode of Skateline.
  • Andrew Allen: People I've Known

    Andrew Allen: People I've Known
    Andrew’s been a friend of the mag since his epic Prevent This Tragedy part and he’s met a lot of characters along the way. From Phelps to AVE to Too Short, this one’s so damn funny.