Thrasher Weekend: Boston Photos

We teamed up with CONS to bust up Boston for a Weekend with a handful of all-stars and New England icons. Zered, Alexis and Dutchy were joined by their fellow road-tested teammates Louie, Baca and Kaue. Newcomers Sean Evans, Zion Effs and younger brother Jax kept the energy up from the spots to the parks. The November issue of the mag has our favorite skate flicks, but here’s a little taste of what it’s like behind the scenes of the street skating, backyard ramp ripping and double-demo demolishing. —Dan Zaslavsky

DZA 0299 DZFirst spot, Eggs!

DZA 0396 DZTaking in the vibes and feeling things out

DZA 0274 DZSomeone’s already having equipment issues

DZA 0287 DZBOD skates a little different

DZA 0296 DZThis was a very phone-heavy trip

DZA 0302 DZOlder Brother Zion Effs flipping outta something

DZA 0321 DZBerman getting some too!

DZA 0370 DZLouie up…

DZA 0371 DZ…and up again to BSNBS, too easy

ConsLifestyle DZDZA 0477Tried…

IMG 2534 DZRye editing on site

DZA 0493 DZNext spot is also by the water

DZA 0533 DZBaca bigspinning out of a noseslide

DZA 0520 DZWhen you're shooting clips on the phone, it looks like you're doom scrolling

DZA 0542 DZThe spot wasn’t tough enough

IMG 2564 DZWhat’s up here past the crazy skate stoppers?

DZA 0560 DZMore stuff for Baca to noselide

DZA 0608 DZWhat next, Rye?

DZA 0612 DZThe spot was like this, remember?

DZA 0625 DZLouie closes the first day with a steezin’ noseslide

DZA 0634 DZDay two, first spots looks like a skatepark but it’s actually a waterpark—that doesn’t work very well

IMG 2672 DZWhat'chall doing?

DZA 0646 DZOh, it’s this thing

DZA 0658 DZJax with a SOTY behind the camera phone

DZA 0681 DZPedestrians have right of way, sometimes

DZA 0665 DZLouie "lipslide" Lopez

DZA 0742 DZFucking hot out here!

DZA 0735 DZStill watchin'

DZA 0737 DZZered the artist

DZA 0761 DZWhat’s this thing?

DZA 0821 DZAnd how do you skate it?

BrianODwyerBs5050BostonJuly23DanZThat’s how!

DZA 0866 DZFocus, Rye

DZA 0898 DZWinding down at the last spot of the day

ConsLifestyle DZIMG 2714Kaue brought a box of classics

IMG 2729 DZZered with his iconic powers, switch flip

DZA 0937 DZKaue got some sick lines with Ryan Lee

DZA 0950 DZNext day we found this legend, Doug Moore

IMG 2797 DZThis bowl has some relics in it

DZA 1014 DZRaney brings the bone count up

DZA 1066 DZNailed it

DZA 1082 DZWho knew Kaue got some bowl skills?!

DZA 1111 DZNot posed

DZA 1115 DZMilton with a classic

DZA 1143 DZWho’s thanking who?

IMG 2845 DZWhat’s this for?

IMG 2836 DZAh yes, cracks!

IMG 2864 DZThe process…

IMG 2875 DZUpcycle your griptape

IMG 2881 DZButter smooth

DZA 1194 DZNow it’s ready

BodFsBluntFish1230 DZ 2000Fisheye?

BrianODwyerFsBluntLongBostonDanZOr long?

DZA 1286 DZMilton goes long

DZA 1369 DZTricks for smiles

DZA 1429 DZNot sure what’s happening here, but I like it

DZA 1611 DZEvening jam sesh at The Courts

DZA 1634 DZOur guy Jerome guards the goods

DZA 1618 DZDutchy!

DZA 1622 DZBerman!

DZA 1650 DZDress appropriately 

DZA 1667 DZMassachusetts icon Alexis Sablone made an appearance!

DZA 1744 DZGoodnight!

DZA 1871 DZLast day, the people showed up for an even bigger demo!

DZA 1857 DZRaney's legs still worked, grasser over the hip

DZA 1909 DZGimme some!

DZA 1903 DZSwitch front feeble, BOD

DZA 1879 DZZered can loft the regular ones, too

DZA 1960 DZMilton tosses a kickflip crook for the crowd. SOTY shit

DZA 1994 DZSean Evans skips over it with a big V heel. He's sick! Now, we gotta jam to check the music

DZA 2457 DZQuick stop on the way to the concert

DZA 2449 DZI think Vanik Hacobian skated this in 1997

DZA 2473 DZWonder if he ever skated this though? Raney, front board transfer

ConsLifestyle DZIMG 3365Showtime

DZA 2485 DZFirst up, Waste Man

DZA 2553 DZUniform is next

DZA 2494 DZIt ain't a pit if Rye ain't in it

DZA 2592 DZAnd finally, Candy shut it down

IMG 3120 DZAfter an insane couple days, we had one last hurrah, Chinese food. Thanks again to CONS and everyone who showed up to the demos and the shows. We'll see you soon
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