The Follow Up: Tim Savage

By Liam Annis

 Portrait of Tim Savage 1 DZcropped 750px


No, not Michael Jordan’s brand—this 23 represents Tim Savage’s second personal video focusing on three young New Englanders: Nickodem Rudzinski is from the Boston neighborhoods, Brian Reid hails from Cape Cod and Will Mazzari gets a mix of Maine and New Hampshire in there. Boston serves as the meeting point for the crew to link up and figure out where to skate. Yes, even with a lot of spots in the area, the question, “Where should we skate?” has us scratching our heads daily.

While there is a lot of downtown skating throughout the video, the focus comes from the outlying neighborhoods of Boston and the surrounding smaller cities that help make up the New England area. Showcasing true skill with an attention to visual aesthetics, Tim has not only put in a lot of time and work filming and editing this video, but he’s also dumped a lot of gas money into finding these spots. Eggsreport! Enjoy! —Liam Annis


Portrait of Tim Savage 2 DZcropped 750px


Name: Tim Savage

Hometown: Bourne, MA

Years Filming/Skating: Filming, eight years. Skating, 15 years

Local Shop: Orchard skateshop

Local Skaters: Egg heads and homies who skate around Boston

Local Companies: Cornerstore skateboards


How many videos have you made?

This is my second independent full-length video, but I’ve made about four videos total, plus YouTube montages and other smaller projects.

What’s your day job?
I actually work a night job. I skate all day and then I’m a delivery driver by night.

Photo Sep 06 3 11 17 PM 750px

Have you ever been in a fight while filming?
Oh yeah, a couple citizen heroes have tried to get into it. People get so worked up over the dumbest stuff, plus everyone loves to flex their so-called authority. I’ll usually poke some fun when getting kicked out but I know when to stop.

Does the video title, 23, have a meaning?
Yeah, it’s my second independent video and there were three main dudes I focused on while making it. So 23.

Do you hate anyone you film with?
Ha! Not really, no. Anyone who takes forever to get a clip, though—nah, just playin’.

Who’s in the video?
Too many names to say them all—It’s the homies around the city but the three main parts are Nickodem Rudzinski, Brian Reid and Will Mazzari


Was anyone shooting photos?
Yeah, you! My good homie Liam Annis. Best dude!

How did you pay for the premiere and the DVDs?
I actually got blessed and had tremendous support from Orchard skateshop. They helped me set up the premiere and helped finance the DVDs. Hell yeah, Armin!

In your eyes, who stands out in the video?
All the homies got their own thing they bring to the table but I do gotta say Will Mazzari really went in on this one.

Now that it’s done, what are you working on next?
On to the next one, whatever that may be—just having a good time filming and skating, as always, and we’ll see what it turns into!


IMG 1507 750pxWill Mazzari, frontside 50-50 through all the kinks


IMG 1508 750pxBrian Reid, frontside Smith pop out on the nutcracker rail. Terrible name, good spot


IMG 1509 750pxBrian Reid crooking his way past the dead


IMG 1510 750px

Will, fakie 5-0 in North kacka

IMG 1511 750pxTré flip after a 12-hour drive into Jevan’s territory. Will thanks cookout!

IMG 1512 750pxBrian, frontside 50-50 to close out his part


IMG 1513 750pxIt only took Nickodem Rudzinski a few minutes to put down this no comply switch 50-50


IMG 1514 750px

Higher education back lip at the high school, Will got an A+


IMG 1515 750px

Nickodem, ollie over to 50-50 to end a line


IMG 1516 750pxNickodem landed this gap to back Smith right before the crazy boss lady broke Liam’s tripod


IMG 1517 750pxSwitch feeble, Nickodem surfs the ‘burbs


NickRudzinskifsboardpopoutChinatown 750pxFront board pop out in Boston—nice, Nickodem


IMG 1518 750pxBrian, kickflip crook down south


IMG 1519 750pxGoing the distance through the kink, Will slides to victory


IMG 1520 750pxBack tail at the Boston police department—Will cares not for your laws

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