Toy Machine Halloween Demo 2018

With Halloween right around the corner (today, actually), it was time for the annual Toy Machine/Active Halloween demo. Some of the crew may have been missing but there was no way that the OGs would let the Inland Empire down. —Ben Karpinski

1 750pxFollowing the fists to the Chino Hills Active


2 750pxThanks for the ride, Blake!


3 750pxThe Harmonys


4 MB Austin 750pxAus Boss and Matt B


5 750pxLeo Romero


6 750pxAre we not men? Active’s Morgnar


7 750pxKeg’s here!


8 750pxBut who is the mystery man?


9 750pxKickflip back board is a dead give away. What’s up, Billy?


10 750pxGood and Evil A-frame sesh was starting to pop off. Charms, Smith grind


11 750pxAustin Stephens caught a feeble


12 750pxMB twisting up a 270 lip


13 750pxFollowed by a switch front feeble!


14 750pxBlake blasts a kickflip in

15 750pxNo rail is safe when Leo’s around. Back lip


16 750pxJason Jessee and—wait, is that….


17 750pxTommy Guns!


18 750pxLeo takes it up a notch, low-to-high nosegrind


19 750pxCharms is back! Kickflip pivot fakie


20 750pxCostumes off, time to hydrate

21 750pxDid I mention the free shirts Active was printing?


22 750pxScreened right on site…


23 750px…and ready in three minutes. Hot and fresh


24 750pxA lot of rad costumes this year


25 750pxThe High Curbs!


26 750pxRecognized a few songs from this year’s KOTR. Be sure to check them out


27 750pxLeo approved!


28 750pxNow all that was left to do was pick a winner for the costume contest


29 750pxTommy Guns was a no-brainer


30 750pxIn the end most went home with something, though. Thank you, Toy Machine and Active for throwing another great Halloween demo!

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