Cardinal Skateshop 20 Year Anniversary Recap

To celebrate 20 years in the biz, the good people at Cardinal got the scene revved with a parking-lot jam, photo show and a few rounds of hoops. Check all the action down in Norfolk with their recap vid and a photo rundown inside the shop. Good people down in Norfolk. 

Peep the parking-lot jam before you scroll over to the shop blog. This scene brings the heat

Photo captions by Leif Hauge

01 cardinal twenty years 2 2000First view of the shop, we got the finishing touches going on the photo show. Twenty years of Hampton Roads skateboarding on one wall

02 cardinal twenty years 5 2000Pickles and butter goin' in the raffle!

03 cardinal twenty years 6 2000A look at the pristine installation before the masses arrive

04 cardinal twenty years 2000For the ‘Gram!

05 cardinal twenty years 2000A sample of those masses we were talkin' about. Don’t you love a bit of reminiscing?

06 cardinal twenty years 2000Two decades of Cardinal graphics on a curved wall comparable to the Guggenheim

07 cardinal twenty years 2000Trey Hill and Eric Laginess, nothing but smiles!

08 cardinal twenty years 2000Chris Wimer and Pat Burke couldn’t swing the holiday timing but their photos still made the people smile

09 cardinal twenty years 2000Old friends Stephen Stalnaker and Kyle Falzone catching up. You may know Stephen from his many photos on the wall

010 cardinal twenty years 2000Looks festive!

011 cardinal twenty years 2000Lots and lots to look at

012 cardinal twenty years 2000Damn, there's a skatepark too?!

013 cardinal twenty years 2000You can touch the art here

014 cardinal twenty years 2000Park's pretty crowded

015 cardinal twenty years 2000This spot sucked! Stephen Mullen crushed it, though

016 cardinal twenty years 2000"Virginia Skateboarding." Wait, I thought it was for lovers?

017 cardinal twenty years 2000Leif had his hands full in the matrix, making sure the local videos played all night

018 cardinal twenty years 2000Leif Hauge and Lavante Hammond with the deuces and some Liquid Death. No blog is complete without 'em

019 cardinal twenty years 2000This is my favorite skater!

020 cardinal twenty years 2000It’s Chris Wimer! Good pick

021 cardinal twenty years 2000The skate nerding was in full force

022 cardinal twenty years 2000Even the younger generation showed up! Mainly to check ABDs and whatnot

023 cardinal twenty years 2000Dang, shop's stuffed too!

024 cardinal twenty years 2000Howard Tarpey Nalley getting some hang time after putting the photos up. The man shot more than half the photos on display too!

025 cardinal twenty years 2000Classic homie hangout in front of the board wall

026 cardinal twenty years 2000Jaimel Bryant and Je Tarkenton holding it down in the back

027 cardinal twenty years 2000Killin' it at the point-to-a-spot game

028 cardinal twenty years 2000Landon Hill letting J. Owens know what clip is coming up

029 cardinal twenty years 2000Special announcement: Jason Hawkes announced he will be moving forward handling the shop with Leif Hauge as his business partner! Big things ahead

030 cardinal twenty years 2000Thank you to everyone who came and for the years of support. Cheers to 20 more years Cardinal!
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