Fallen's "Slash II" Release Party

Fallen and Deathwish combined forces for a new colorway of the Slash II shoe. So in celebration they decided to have a skate session with pizza and beer at the Baker Boys park. Words and Photos: Joe Hammeke

The Chief and Ed Dominick were the first to arrive.

Mama dog, Darling, Jon Dickson and Slash.  

A couple of Aussies were acting doormen. How’s professional life Brass?

A couple of feet ready for some new shoes.

And a couple of dogs ready for some pizza.

The skate session heated up quickly. Slash back nosegrind

The over to the hubba. Jon Dickson. front crook

Slash, back tail

Jamie lays down the back Smith

Slash, back lip

Over-rotated into a Smith

Dickson alley-oop nosegrind ala Schroeder

Then Darling brought over a shoe

Come here

Ok, gimme that

Obligatory product shot

Now back to the skating. Lizard with a ledge combo. What did he do?  Check @Jamiethomas on instagram for the follow footage

Chief takin' it back to 1989 with a crail snatcher

Lizard ollie one foot to back lip

Dickson switch frontside flip

Then Jamie started battling a 360 no-comply


A little help from Lizard

Just put some passion on it baby

Footy check means it’s a make

Thanks for showing up.

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