Larb Fest 4 Zine Alter Alert

Calling a zines to the the altar of Larb Fest 4. Submit your xeroxed souls double time! FAMILIA and SKYHIGH await your offerings no later than September 28th.


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  • LARBBQ TOUR 2022

    LARBBQ TOUR 2022
    The Larb kicks off the Great Rust Belt Beer Helmet Crusade in Milwaukee and takes it all the way to Sturgeon Bay. Check the flyer then roll up.
  • Grindland Extras: "Red and Monk Hit the Turf" Cartoon by The Larb

    Grindland Extras: "Red and Monk Hit the Turf" Cartoon by The Larb
    A hilarious Hellride from Seattle to Milwaukee gets the Larb animation treatment. Believe it!
  • Creature's "Larb Ball" Animation

    Creature's "Larb Ball" Animation
    Creature captures the Larb vibe with a new animated short and heavy-metal pinball graphic to go with it.
  • Larb's Bandcamp

    Larb's Bandcamp
    The Larb's Bandcamp is swollen and busting with noise ranging from punk rock to death metal and country. Pairs best with a crusty DIY sesh and cold beer.
  • Sam Hitz's "Kill Skateboarding IV" Video

    Sam Hitz's "Kill Skateboarding IV" Video
    Aided by John Gardner, Lukas Miller and many more misfit geniuses, The LARB continues its crusade to kill skateboarding. In their the attempt, they stuffed the new edit with absurd amounts of awful setups, beer can pranks, trash pickin’ crust punks, black metal sets and shopping carts—lots of shopping carts. Will skateboarding survive the assault?