Mark Gutterman's "Feel Free" Part

Mark’s time was cut too short, but in his brief window, he left us with a perfect example of what every skater should aspire to be on the board—smooth, stylish and gnarly as hell. Take in these moving words from his best friend in the field and look back at his most creative part. RIP in peace, dear friend.

"I am who I am today because Mark Gutterman was in my life for the past 19 years. The term "best friend" doesn’t begin to describe the bond we had. He was my brother; he was my family; he was a part of me. From the day we met in the summer of 2001, we were inseparable and lived together several times. Mark was by my side for every special memory I have. I filmed every video part of his. He was the first one I’d share every idea I had with in order to get his input and approval, especially when it came to all our passion projects, which was most recently Lovesick skateboards.
I loved and admired him so much. His smile and laughter were so infectious. His sweet, gentle, free and easy spirit was so special. He just had this timeless charm about him that was clear to everybody who came in contact with him. When you were with Mark nothing mattered but the present and whatever adventure that day might bring. He just embodied true freedom and had an unmatched ability to make the people around him feel free. And that freedom shined through everything he did—his writing, his photography and especially his skateboarding. He had his own way of doing it and a purely genuine creative approach that inspired me and so many others. 
Mark left an impact on so many lives and will continue to do so for many years to come with all of his work, art and video parts. I feel very privileged to have been able to document all that I did, and I’ll cherish these moments and memories always and forever. Until we meet again, Love you, Mark!" —Aleks Lewandowski
Mark’s board is available through Lovesick, with the proceeds being donated to his family to help with his memorial service. 
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