North Hollywood on Apple TV Now

The first authentic film about skateboarding from the new generation of skaters is finally here for wide release. Despite Mikey Alfred’s critical acclaim for his directorial work on North Hollywood, the big distribution companies in the industry refused to pick up the movie—their loss. Now you can see the fruits of Mikey and the cast’s labor on Apple TV. Tyshawn, Louie Lopez, Na-Kel, Reynolds and more absolute legends add to the experience. Ryder Mclaughlin shows his double-threat talents skating and starring in the feature about a kid who wants to go pro against his family’s advice. This is a movie from our community and it’s the real deal! Buy it here and let’s prove those who skipped it wrong. Congrats, Mikey, IC and the everyone involved.

Tyshawn, Bobby Worrest and Ryder McLaughlin, the star of North Hollywood, tear up the Baker park in this exclusive scene from the film. Buy the full movie now on Apple TV.