Pass~Port's Kitsch Box

Need more treasures in your life? Check this PASS~PORT Kitsch box which comes with the Kitsch ideo on a gold die struck USB drive, a screen-printed scarf and the box itself which is adorned with a gold foil screen print on its cover. CLA~SSY! 


750 Kitsch



  • Rough Cut: Jack O'Grady's "Pass~Port" Part

    Rough Cut: Jack O'Grady's "Pass~Port" Part
    There’s no good way to test Jack’s tricks—it’s do or die on every try. See how hard he went for one of the gnarliest parts to date.
  • John Cruckshank's "Redfern Electrical" Video

    John Cruckshank's "Redfern Electrical" Video
    Comedian John Cruckshank gave up his goal of headlining theaters for an electrical job. This mockumenary follows John, fumbling and failing through his day as he meets up with Jack O’Grady and more from the Pass~Port camp.
  • Jack O'Grady's "Pass~Port" Part

    Jack O'Grady's "Pass~Port" Part
    Trick after trick of jaw-dropping mania, Jack attacks Sydney like nobody before. Think that cover was a hoax? See for yourself.
  • Jack O'Grady: The Thrasher Interview

    Jack O'Grady: The Thrasher Interview
    You've seen the shocker of a video, now find out what makes Sydney's finest go off––with bonus material we couldn't squish into the April, 2021 mag.

    Fast and ruthless like the Low Life track itself, Callum Paul, our guy Jack and the Pass~Port team cause a scene in the streets of Oz.