Thomas Goldman's "BERG 2" Video

A vicious slam section leads Thomas Goldman's production before Evan Gabriel, Ian Rodriguez, Liam Hardman and more deliver a thoroughly entertaining ride through Richmond. 

  • Thomas Goldman's "BERGVID" Video

    Thomas Goldman's "BERGVID" Video
    It ain't just the Bust Crew killin' Richmond. Videoman Thomas Goldman captures the essence of his squad, kicking vending machines, taking over stadium booths and delivering a stream of sick parts. 
  • Venue's "NINETYFOUR" Video

    Venue's "NINETYFOUR" Video
    Will Rosenstock and Venue come through with a ripping vid outta Richmond starring the usual suspects and introducing Evan Gabriel to the fold. The AVE bench is in good hands.
  • Venue's "Gospel" Video

    Venue's "Gospel" Video
    The boys in Richmond, VA nailed it with this one. All praises due to the almighty shop video!