Vans Opens New York Indoor Park: Space 198

It’s astonishing, with how bad the New York winters are, there hasn’t been a good indoor option for the locals. Luckily, the good people at Vans stepped up and built a brand new park in Brooklyn for the skate community. Even sicker, they have a few free sessions for the young ones and beginners. Now you can keep up with the California kids' year-round skate calendar. If you’re in the area, RSVP for a session here!

RowanZorilla Wallride Casper VansSpace198 Day04 Mehring DSC 5434Safe from the snow, Rowan Zorilla goes full wizard with this casper slide wallride 

  • Cruisin' with Dolan Stearns

    Cruisin' with Dolan Stearns
    Junkyard dogs Dolan Sterns and Devin Bagnoli sniff out some skateable treasure in someone's trash to make a scrap-filled Garden of Eden. Next time you can’t find a spot, just get a bud, some Super Juice wheels and look for a messy lawn.
  • A Day in the Life of Marsha Ann

    A Day in the Life of Marsha Ann
    Skateism followed our multi-talented customer service expert around for an inspiring profile about life in the office, higher education and skating the Bay with her squad. Get to know one of our favorite office mates before she’s your kids’ favorite teacher.
  • Jake Reuter's "Trash Can" Part

    Jake Reuter's "Trash Can" Part
    Jake hits every New Mexican ditch and backyard pool with gusto in his new Black Label part shot by Ryan Maddox. The back blunt across the light and death box might make you lose your composure. 
  • Chris Russell x Creature VX Deck

    Chris Russell x Creature VX Deck
    Does the new board tech hold up against Chris Russell’s five-foot air to disaster? Get the answer and a few more heavy concrete maneuvers in this clip from Creature.
  • Foundation x Emerica Dakota Servold Deck

    Foundation x Emerica Dakota Servold Deck
    To commemorate his debut part for Emerica, Foundation released a special Green Servold graphic showing both the pain and pleasure of the video process. It’s clear he’s gone skateboarding, and you should too.