Zion Wright's "We're From Here" Vans Video

Zion returns to his hometown of Jupiter, Florida to catch some waves, hang with his dad and see the spots where he cut his teeth. Check the vid then peep his new Vans Zahba colorway before it drops next week.

If you're in NYC on March 16th, come celebrate the shoe release with Zion at Space 198. RSVP HERE.

SP23 Skate Zahba ZionWright 0N5A6882 2000
SP23 Skate Zahba ZionWright 0N5A6965 1500
SP23 Skate Zahba VN0007QQBF0 ZionWright BrnMult 0N5A6757 1500
SP23 Skate Zahba ZionWright 0N5A7155 1500
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