Vans Park Series 2019: Montreal Photos

The Vans road show rumbled into Montreal leaving stoke, laughs and most importantly a spankin’ new skatepark in it’s wake. The Brazilians dominated, but everyone got a piece. O’ Canada!

By Michael Burnett

VPS montreal web001 750pxSky view from the top of the Olympic stadium. Photo: Dan Mathieu

VPS montreal web002 750pxMeanwhile, down on deck, the new gen readies for battle

VPS montreal web003 750pxSpencer Breaux from Denver, slappin’ D

VPS montreal web004 750pxNot that it was all gnar-gnar

VPS montreal web005 750pxOh, y’all don’t know the Slaughter Queen??

VPS montreal web006 750pxCanadian masterlensman Jeff Thorburn with Riley B of tactical braid fame

VPS montreal web007 750pxJapan’s Mami Tezuka planting handily

VPS montreal web008 750px‘Yeah, but do you have any memes about boba tea??’

VPS montreal web009 750pxStand-up through the corner. She’s very good

VPS montreal web010 750pxSome unsolicited coaching

VPS montreal web011 750pxAh, and the master becomes the pupil!

VPS montreal web012 750pxMeanwhile, Yndiara, all biz

VPS montreal web013 750pxUp to grind, radical overalls

VPS montreal web014 750pxFrédérique Luyet, extension bashing

VPS montreal web015 750pxDeckside banter, everyone was in great spirits

VPS montreal web016 750pxAlex White and Jordyn Barratt

VPS montreal web017 750pxWallie legend Tim O’Connor on the mic

VPS montreal web018 750pxRye investigates this Autumn Tust story

VPS montreal web019 750pxGrace Marhoefer, planting eggly

VPS montreal web020 750pxBeef!

VPS montreal web021 750pxYndiara draws a line in the sand with a sweepy thing off the sign. First into the finals!

VPS montreal web022 750pxNot that it was all skate action. Plenty of cultural opps in this thing. Big O retrospective photo show over in the activity zone. Photo: Ryan Lebel

VPS montreal web023 750pxAnd an entry-level streetstyle course. Photo: Ryan Lebel

VPS montreal web024 750pxCheck out photos of the Vans women’s team, if you’re down. Photo: Ryan Lebel

VPS montreal web025 750pxOr get a caricature from Jay Howell. Wow! Photo: Ryan Lebel

VPS montreal web026 750pxShit, you could even get a haircut. Something for everyone, pretty much. Photo: Ryan Lebel

VPS montreal web027 750pxGood ol’ Polar hop. Always a fave Photo: Ryan Lebel

VPS montreal web028 750pxTubs, hot angles Photo: Ryan Lebel

VPS montreal web029 750pxOh shit, Breezy was there?! Photo: Ryan Lebel

VPS montreal web030 750pxBack in the bowl, Ceddy sets one up to the spine

VPS montreal web031 750pxUndercarriage maladies notwithstanding, The Muscle™ was totally terrorizing

VPS montreal web032 750pxKreiner!

VPS montreal web033 750pxThat’s right, there was a spine at this one

VPS montreal web034 750pxNot that you always had to go over it

VPS montreal web035 750pxEggs up, haters down

VPS montreal web036 750pxYou know Gregson was there dominating

VPS montreal web037 750pxTristan Rennie has the most effortless style in skateboarding. Floater, barely concerned

VPS montreal web038 750pxThe deep-end face wall was a bitch to set up for, meaning 540s were especially tough as would-be spinners would get sent into a corner. Didn’t really stop Roman, just worth mentioning

VPS montreal web039 750pxAdam Hopkins with his patented double-hop plant

VPS montreal web040 750pxDid I mention it was 1000 degrees?

VPS montreal web041 750pxIf Cedric was effected you know it’s harsh conditions

VPS montreal web042 750pxHe’ll be fine

VPS montreal web043 750pxDelfino made it, blasting for the HPX jihad

VPS montreal web044 750pxBoland in the bowl too

VPS montreal web045 750px‘Wait’ll Cory Juneau gets here …’

VPS montreal web046 750pxCross section of the spine, Boland on bonk

VPS montreal web047 750pxMurilo, frontal bluntal

VPS montreal web048 750pxWooten!

VPS montreal web049 750pxView from the stands. V Kakhino sliced gap to nose grinds every time

VPS montreal web050 750px’Babe! You seen this Blood Wizard video yet?’

VPS montreal web051 750pxLil’ cat and mouse on the apron

VPS montreal web052 750pxC-Cup in the house!

VPS montreal web053 750pxA more aggressive Curren Caples this event!

VPS montreal web054 750pxWhile forgoing none of his trademark delicate touch

VPS montreal web055 750pxAh shit … the Juneau Float has arrived

VPS montreal web056 750pxCrossed up in heavy traffic. If I had a board company I’d definitely be making this young man an offer

VPS montreal web057 750pxCJ Collins and the varial flip! Who knew?! Gonna be a heavy finals

VPS montreal web058 750pxMixed media at the lip

VPS montreal web059 750pxFired up!

VPS montreal web060 750pxOur guy Lui, scheming on his next blockbuster post …

VPS montreal web061 750pxOmar and Greyson kept the commentary going for the gaming community

VPS montreal web062 750pxWhich CJ may or may not be a part of. No way of knowing

VPS montreal web064 750pxEwan and Muscle, disparate cooling techniques

VPS montreal web065 750pxGood vibes all around

VPS montreal web066 750pxRonnie jumped in for some last-minute runs

VPS montreal web067 750px‘Is he skating this thing?’

VPS montreal web068 750pxYep, real camaraderie

VPS montreal web069 750pxRoman at the ready

VPS montreal web070 750pxPedro, too hyped

VPS montreal web071 750pxStill, time to find some shade

VPS montreal web072 750pxLa vida loca

VPS montreal web073 750pxWhat’s so funny?

VPS montreal web074 750pxYou gotta log in to find out

VPS montreal web075 750pxMeanwhile, best trick popping off at the Big O. Hallowed fuckin’ ground Photo: Ryan Lebel

VPS montreal web076 750pxSoda toss Photo: Ryan Lebel

VPS montreal web077 750pxThe gang’s all here! Photo: Dan Mathieu

VPS montreal web078 750pxLegends of O – Marc Tison and Barry Walsh Photo: Dan Mathieu

VPS montreal web079 750pxTison with his patented up-slide Photo: Dan Mathieu

VPS montreal web080 750pxLeon Chapdelaine’s backside NBS, but you’ve seen that already, right? Photo: Dan Mathieu

VPS montreal web081 750pxThen Riley took it Trujillo off the roof! Photo: Dan Mathieu

VPS montreal web082 750pxYndiara on the come up, 40 Canadian Photo: Ryan Lebel

VPS montreal web083 750pxHow sweet it is! Photo: Dan Mathieu

VPS montreal web084 750pxBack at the bowl, Luiz Francisco catches last light. Insane Photo: Dan Mathieu

VPS montreal web085 750pxFinals day. Bowman, behind the wheel

VPS montreal web086 750pxSoundtrack of 8:30 am EST

VPS montreal web087 750pxShould we come back for it?

VPS montreal web088 750pxInto the frozen planet of Hoth

VPS montreal web089 750pxWe had a private parkour entrance we took each day

VPS montreal web090 750pxAlex White had no problems

VPS montreal web091 750pxThough she couldn’t shake her mother’s concern for Ewan

VPS montreal web092 750pxSpecial forces shit!

VPS montreal web093 750pxHe was fine

VPS montreal web094 750pxNice wake up

VPS montreal web095 750px‘Park Series forever!!!’

VPS montreal web096 750pxHe’s not just the announcer, Tony can’t help but thrash Photo: Dan Mathieu

VPS montreal web097 750pxRoman, off the sign. It was metal and made a nice noise

VPS montreal web098 750pxOmar takes a break from the gamesphere with a hearty board slide fakie

VPS montreal web099 750pxFish of CJ’s varial flip. Wow!

VPS montreal web100 750pxSpinal egg. Thanks Ro

VPS montreal web101 750pxAin’t nothin’ like fuckin’ air time

VPS montreal web102 750pxEnticed the legends back over to the O

VPS montreal web103 750pxAlthough Tony has performed demos to thousands inside the Olympic stadium, he’d never actually skated this thing

VPS montreal web104 750pxLuckily, he’s had a lifetime of halfpiping to prepare

VPS montreal web105 750pxLil’ ‘cane fake-out in the window

VPS montreal web106 750pxBlunt to back tail, trust me on the first part

VPS montreal web107 750pxThen, of course, 14-year-old-nerd me requested the handplant

VPS montreal web108 750pxHe’ll get there

VPS montreal web109 750pxBean to tail

VPS montreal web110 750pxThe face says it all!

VPS montreal web111 750pxThough this was the make, I believe. Thanks Tony!

VPS montreal web112 750pxAnd then the doubles slide to drop

VPS montreal web113 750pxFor life

VPS montreal web114 750pxBack at the arena – bedlam

VPS montreal web115 750pxPacked house

VPS montreal web116 750pxWear your technical shades, if you got ‘em

VPS montreal web117 750pxDown for lifers, everywhere!

VPS montreal web118 750pxAnd Canadians!

VPS montreal web119 750pxAftermath Tour survivors O’Dell and Pastras

VPS montreal web120 750pxDan Mathieu and Grant Hatfield, media table

VPS montreal web121 750pxBack in the bowl, women’s finals! Lizzie, up to slide

VPS montreal web122 750pxSpinal!

VPS montreal web123 750pxYndiara with the slob fasty. Who woulda guessed this trick would make such a huge comeback?

VPS montreal web124 750pxOr the GD Texas plant?!

VPS montreal web125 750pxBarrett, boneless backside

VPS montreal web126 750pxAll the top girls can bust eggs

VPS montreal web127 750pxMami, corner pocket

VPS montreal web128 750pxSee?!

VPS montreal web129 750px 2xBasically a smorgasbord of '80s classic moves. How I love ‘em!

VPS montreal web130 750pxAlana Smith was trying to be all low-key but she may be one of the gnarliest women vert skaters of all time

VPS montreal web131 750pxAs her 540 attempts will attest. Next time!

VPS montreal web132 750pxPressure building

VPS montreal web133 750pxMathieu’s artful angle from the nosebleeds. Wow! Photo: Dan Mathieu

VPS montreal web134 750pxCrowd was eating it up

VPS montreal web135 750pxBut in the end it was Yndiara Asp who put it all together, as they say

VPS montreal web136 750pxHeartfelt hugs while O’Dell documents

VPS montreal web137 750pxNo shrinking violets, these Brazilian champions

VPS montreal web138 750pxArt as trophy. Nice

VPS montreal web139 750pxHere she is

VPS montreal web140 750px‘Over here!’

VPS montreal web141 750pxGood show, ya’ll

VPS montreal web142 750pxFans even more sizzled. Photo: Ryan Lebel

VPS montreal web143 750pxRoaring, practically

VPS montreal web144 750pxFinals time!

VPS montreal web145 750pxTristan nosegrinds through the pocket

VPS montreal web146 750pxRye was ecstatic!

VPS montreal web147 750pxLuiz Francisco, heelfip indy

VPS montreal web148 750pxGood ol’ NBS

VPS montreal web149 750pxKreiner, Cab Indy grab

VPS montreal web150 750pxLet’s talk about the Sleepy Turtle for a sec. So smooth, so casual, he barely seems like he’s trying …

VPS montreal web151 750pxUntil he explodes into the air with his trademark frontside flips of death!!!

VPS montreal web152 750pxBut if there is one thing that can rattle his relaxed grace, it’s the aggro pitbull power approach of Pedro Barros

VPS montreal web153 750pxSearing the Canadian airspace!

VPS montreal web154 750pxHectic Hail-Mary 540s!

VPS montreal web155 750pxThe last wall switch disaster, just hanging on

VPS montreal web156 750pxFools went nuts!

VPS montreal web157 750pxEveryone knew he took it

VPS montreal web158 750pxOh yeah

VPS montreal web159 750pxCrazy Brazilian style

VPS montreal web160 750pxSwooped it!

VPS montreal web161 750pxTop three. Nice work, boys!

VPS montreal web163 750pxBest trick on Satan’s spine. Gregson unleashed all his FS flip attack variations

VPS montreal web164 750pxOllie to fakie, super solid

VPS montreal web165 750pxThere was a ton of shit that went down, so check the video for a complete report. This fakie thruster from Lizzie though! Photo: Ryan Lebel

VPS montreal web166 750pxKicky D. They were fucking it up

VPS montreal web167 750px$100 at a time

VPS montreal web168 750pxCJ with the Cab noseblunt

VPS montreal web169 750pxI did enjoy Ducky going for the blunt fingerflip

VPS montreal web170 750pxLoves to slam, the Duck

VPS montreal web171 750pxDelfino’s frontside invert up showed promise! No dice

VPS montreal web172 750pxAnd then Greggy unleashed the KF FS disaster BS revert. Kinda the icing on the cake

VPS montreal web173 750pxAnd that was fuckin’ that!

VPS montreal web174 750pxWrap it up, boys

VPS montreal web175 750pxNow, it’s time for US

VPS montreal web176 750pxAfterparty, Canadian style Photo: Ryan Lebel

VPS montreal web177 750pxMeaning, in an old swimming pool Photo: Ryan Lebel

VPS montreal web178 750pxA flood of familiar faces Photo: Ryan Lebel

VPS montreal web179 750pxCurren, a moment of levity

VPS montreal web180 750pxBrazilian barrage Photo: Ryan Lebel

VPS montreal web181 750pxAnd that’s time!

VPS montreal web182 750pxHere we go… Photo: Ryan Lebel

VPS montreal web183 750pxSonic assault, all night long Photo: Ryan Lebel

VPS montreal web184 750pxInk check!

VPS montreal web185 750pxThe two sides of the Larry Experience™

VPS montreal web186 750pxAnd the other one

VPS montreal web187 750pxOh yeah!

VPS montreal web188 750pxWhen the boss gets tubed …

VPS montreal web189 750px… that means we did a good job

VPS montreal web190 750pxThank, God! And thank you, Canada! See you in Paris, Park Series bros! Photo: Ryan Lebel
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