Vans Park Series: Shanghai Photos

The Vans Park Series kicked off the 2019 year in Shanghai, China. Lots of people made it out to the finals—from legends like Tony Hawk to new-age rippers like CJ Collins. This stop was an amazing way to fire it up and we’ll see you in Brazil. —Lui Elliott


Photos by Anthony Acosta & Mitchell Tomlinson

 1. Birdman Cab Hosoi and Alva I heard if you add their age together you get the current year. 750pxBirdman, Cab, Hosoi and Alva—stoke knows no age


 3. All of the coping in the park was red for some reason 750pxRed means danger but Curren coped just fine—nosegrind

 4. I cant tell whos had more sugar Keegan or CJ. Keegan was shaking from excitement before he flew in from a transfer 750pxI couldn’t tell who had more sugar, Keegan or CJ. Keegan was shaking from excitement before he flying into this transfer

 5. Lizzie Tailslides on the bank that everyone loved to bail a perfect trick on 750pxLizzie tailslides on the bank that everyone loved bailing perfect tricks on

 6. So thats how they get powered up 750pxBecause human cannot live upon energy drink alone

 7. If Patrick Ryan came down into disaster from this frontside air do you think he wouldve broken his board 750pxPatrick Ryan, no fear of dyin’. FSA

 8. Sakura Yosozumi Fly out to Noseblunt 750pxSakura Yosozumi, coping-coordinated flyout to noseblunt

 9. Luiz Francisco chose the death roll in route with a Boneless 750pxDeath from above! Luiz Francisco bombs in with a boneless

 10. Mami Tezuka doing the land of the Rising Sun Proud 750pxMami Tezuka doing the Land of the Rising Sun proud—Smith

 11. Yndiara Asp Color coordinated for this Layback Air 750pxThe sky was grey but Yndiara Asp’s outfit was colorful as hell—layback air

 12. CJ Upside down 750pxIndy trucks and Indy airs—CJ’s got ‘em both

 13. Who looks up to who 750pxWho looks up to who?

 14. Jordyn Barratt tell me how fun is that eggplant 750pxJordyn Barratt, eggs over China

 15. Poppy Star made it onto TV 750pxPoppy Starr, BSA for the TV crew

 16. Do you think there was enough cameras 750px"Hey, Lizzie, you think there are enough cameras out here?"

 17. Womens Gold Sakura Yosozumi hitting the big ol QP with a Backside Air 750pxSakura Yosozumi hitting the big ol' QP with a backside air

 18. Kisa Nakamura do you like Lawsons or 7 Eleven more Invert 750pxKisa Nakamura, do you like Lawsons or 7-Eleven more? Andrecht

 19. Brighton Zeuner hitting the outside of the bowl 750pxBrighton Zeuner, back D outside the bowl

 20. This hip saw very little action but Curren was destroying it all weekend with tricks like this kicky backtail 750pxThis hip saw very little action but Curren was destroying it all weekend with tricks like this kicky back tail

 21. How come every kid can 540 like its a front 180 now 750pxHow come every kid can 540 like it's a kickturn now?

 22. Holy shit 750px"Holy shit!"

 23. Jake Wooten with a 5 0 into hell 750pxJake Wooten with a 5-0 into hell

 24. Curren flipping into a pivot during Thrashers Best Trick 750pxCurren flipping into a pivot during Thrasher's best-trick contest

 25. Ladies Podium 750pxThe women’s podium—1st: Sakura Yosozumi, 2nd: Kisa Nakamura, 3rd: Yndiara Asp

 26. Bring that gold home Sakura 750pxBring that gold home, Sakura!

 27. Yes 750pxYes!

 28. Hold that thing high Roman 750pxMen’s podium—1st: Roman Pabich, 2nd: CJ Collins, 3rd: Luiz Francisco. Thanks, Vans, for bringing the heat to Shanghai!

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