Vans Pool Party 2015: Blog

Vans Pool Party 2015: Blog

This year marked the 10th Anniversary of the Vans Pool Party and this was the gnarliest one to date! Grosso stirring it up on the live webcast, Steve Van Doren on the grill, some of the heaviest skating to go down in the Combi! If you were there you were not disappointed. When the dust settled, Tom Schaar took first and Pedro Barros shut it down with an insane transfer from the square to the round bowl. Thanks to Vans for a great time, see you next year! —Rhino 

Grill Master Steve Van Doren firing up the dogs

Eric Nash and Grosso

Navarrette getting some advice

The Masters contest was on, a crowd favorite Duane Peters

It's tough in the trenches, DP out of gas

Ben Shroeder always on the edge

Nicky Guerrero, frontside invert

Cab and McGill, Brigaders

Christian Hosoi always ripping, invert in the round bowl

Cab's patented frontside invert and second place

Chris Miller killed it as usual and first place in the legends contest

Bingaman and Eric Dressen on the sidelines

Alex Perelson and Rune Glifberg waiting for the Pro finals to start

The Fletcher’s, Greyson and Christian

Hosoi and Ngoho watching the action

Tony Alva signing some OG ALVA decks. Can you say Ebay?

Heavy crew! Hosoi, Glen Friedman, Red Dog and TA

The finals were under way. Omar Hassan, Christ air to fakie

Alex Perelson kickflip lien air

Cory Juneau tailgrab

Pedro Barros up in the rafters on The Block

Chris Russell was on fire, boneless

Tom Schaar the winner of the 2015 Vans Pool Party!

Masters top three, Chris Miller, Steve Caballero and Eric Nash

Pro top three Tom Schaar, Chris Russell and Pedro Barros

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