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Ace Pelka's "Creative Control" Part

Ace puts the rails to work with slappies and slides measured in miles. Go the distance. 

  • Brent Hyden's "Skate Juice 4" Video

    Brent Hyden's "Skate Juice 4" Video
    A classic slam section brings the pain before Kento Urano cracks it off with a jaw-dropping first part. Ace Pelka, Spencer Semien and company keep the heat on for Brennan Scott to close this killer full-length.
  • Ace Pelka's "Rearview" Arbor Video

    Ace Pelka's "Rearview" Arbor Video
    Ace heads to Hawaii's hallowed ground and lays back on the iconic crust with his new board for Arbor.
  • Ace Pelka and Jake Braun for OJ Wheels

    Ace Pelka and Jake Braun for OJ Wheels
    Ace and Jake go back to back on curbs before taking the new wheels from OJ to some high-altitude terrain. 
  • FP Footwear’s “Sunset Tour” Video

    FP Footwear’s “Sunset Tour” Video
    A bowling ball works great for impact testing, but nothing compares to some real-life R-N-D in the streets. Jaws, Neen, Decenzo and Pelka pave the way for newcomer Julian Agliardi in this portrait of Puerto Rican paradise.
  • Halloween Hellbomb 2023 Video

    Halloween Hellbomb 2023 Video
    The Hellbomb changed locations, but the spirit remained the same. Join Lizard King and the crowd to watch the sacks, the slams and all the untold costumed chaos.