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Ace Pelka's "Welcome to Madness" Part

Ace is an ATV beast with an arsenal of tricks for every spot in his path. Enjoy the show...

  • Chapped's "Black 2.0" Video

    Chapped's "Black 2.0" Video
    Black metal, tunnel fires, ditch rips and plenty of dirt eating, this brutal vision from New Mexico will shake you to your core. Evan Smith, Suciu and Villani even join in the chaos—this flick’s heavy!
  • Clay Kreiner's "Delusional" Part

    Clay Kreiner's "Delusional" Part
    Spending more time in the air than on the ground, Clay clashes with the riskiest ramps in the game paying homage to vert giants before him—Hawk, Way and Sluggo to name a few. This part ain’t for the faint of heart.
  • Ace Pelka's "Creative Control" Part

    Ace Pelka's "Creative Control" Part
    Ace puts the rails to work with slappies and slides measured in miles. Go the distance.
  • Cruisin' with Ace Pelka

    Cruisin' with Ace Pelka
    Ace takes his OJs out for a full-speed curb quest through Long Beach.
  • Clay Kreiner and Ace Pelka for Independent Trucks

    Clay Kreiner and Ace Pelka for Independent Trucks
    Kreiner and Pelka take Indy’s ten-inchers to the curbs and giant ramps. Widen your horizons.