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Alex Fatemi's "510 Skateshop" Part

Alex marches to the beat of his own drum, dissecting lines only he can uncover. They don’t call him The Leader for no reason.

  • Alex Fatemi's "Acid Leader" Part

    Alex Fatemi's "Acid Leader" Part
    510 rider Alex Fatemi, and the man we know as LEADER, works the walls and banks across the bridge.
  • 510 and Homemix's "Movietape" Video

    510 and Homemix's "Movietape" Video
    Teddy Seeley, Simon Jensen, Alex Conn, Harry Lintell and the Homemix crew get to cookin' while Gerwer and Mason Silva pop in to spice up the sesh. The Bay does it best...
  • 510 Skateshop's "Treasure Island Fundraiser" Photos

    510 Skateshop's "Treasure Island Fundraiser" Photos
    After their normal system for doing a shoe drop lottery couldn't handle the demand for the Travis Scott Dunks, the good people at 510 in Berkeley shifted tactics and ended up raising $30k for the Treasure Island DIY. This is the kind of love and dedication we like to see in the Bay.
  • 510 Skateshop's "Summer Jam" Demo

    510 Skateshop's "Summer Jam" Demo
    These Berkeley demos are a Bay Area tradition, and this year’s festivities were better than ever. Thank you, 510, for supporting our local scene.
  • 510 Summer Jam

    510 Summer Jam
    Bay Area STAND UP! Berkeley, CA. Sunday, June 2nd.