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Austin Thongvivong's "Thunder" Part

Austin has been cranking out clips at a prolific pace and doesn’t appear to be hitting the breaks anytime soon. Raise a toast to another ripping part from the Pacific Northwest.

  • Franky Grinds the Hot Dog Off His New Thunders

    Franky Grinds the Hot Dog Off His New Thunders
    Franky gives you a glimpse into his sketch book by drawing the art on his new pro Thunders. Speaking of sketch, watch the video to see his near-miss on that 50-50.
  • New from Thunder

    New from Thunder
    Check out Jamie Foy's truck and the new Thunder apparel for the final Fall drop of 2019.
  • Thunder x Sunday

    Thunder x Sunday
    Jake Hayes, Dane Burman, Gabriel Summers, Dean Palmer, and Chima Ferguson went to work on their favorite Aussie spots while Sunday’s owner George handled the camera for this new edit.
  • Jenn Soto: Thunder Trucks

    Jenn Soto: Thunder Trucks
    A classic spot matched with Jenn’s smooth style, couldn’t ask for more. Check out Thunder’s new clip with Jenn Soto at LA’s Griffith Park.  
  • Charles Deschamps Knows

    Charles Deschamps Knows
    Charles Deschamps covers all the bases, flipping bump to bars, smooth lines, and a double kinked hubba to close things out for the newest Thunder Knows video.