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Back to The Berg: Wallenberg 2009

This shit went off! Marissa Dal Santo gave it 11 tries and was as close as you can get without rolling away. This is what went down in order: Chris Cole - bs 360 (second try); Lizard King (Mike Plum) - bs 180 one foot; Nick Merlino - switch heel; Lindsey Robertson - bs heel; Lizard King - airwalk, ollie onto last stair; Jordan Hoffart - varial heel (hand drag, caught last step); Cody McEntire - big spin, Chris Cole - sw fs flip; Andrew Pott - hardflip. Full event coverage here.

  • Frozen Sessions 2022

    Frozen Sessions 2022
    While New York freezes over, Empire Skate is throwing a hot indoor event at Substance in Brooklyn. See the flyer for all the details.
  • BOWLZILLA Gold Coast 2022

    BOWLZILLA Gold Coast 2022
    Bowlzilla Gold Coast is back for its seventh annual contest that not only hosts some of the finest ripping, but also provides Australia's largest equality in skateboarding event. Show up and support.
  • Babylon Toy Drive and Bowl Jam

    Babylon Toy Drive and Bowl Jam
    Babylon is hosting a toy drive to spread the stoke in LA. Roll through and give back.
  • Spitfire's Keeping The Underground Lit Event in Detroit

    Spitfire's Keeping The Underground Lit Event in Detroit
    Jimmy Wilkins, Jamie Foy and Dan Mancina are throwing a skate jam at Modern Skatepark in Detroit for Spitfire. Get all the details and show up.
  • Zero Skateboards' "Painkiller" Video

    Zero Skateboards' "Painkiller" Video
    Earth-shattering slams, top-tier handrail rips and a fresh lineup of masochists bring the full Zero experience to life. Keep the Advil close and dive in.