Bear Myles on SML Wheels

Small Wheels adds the fast-flowin' Bear to the squad with a hot minute of clips in England.

  • Lucien Parsons' "Sugar Town" Video

    Lucien Parsons' "Sugar Town" Video
    Trash-punching, bungee-jumping good times in Bristol, Lucien Parsons and his crew keep it exciting in their city. 
  • sml. Wheels' "The 40's" Video

    sml. Wheels' "The 40's" Video
    Austyn Gillette, Danny Garcia, Josh Pall, Sammy Montano and Justin Drysen skate some 40mm wheels in this edit from sml.
  • sml. Wheels' "Manhattan Spectacles" Video

    sml. Wheels' "Manhattan Spectacles" Video
    Mark Suciu and Aaron Herrington met up in Manhattan to hang out and cruise the city on some fresh sml. wheels.
  • Sml. World Ep. 4

    Sml. World Ep. 4
    Danny Garcia and Sammy Montano enjoy the streets of LA in this clip from Sml. wheels.
  • Evan Schiefelbine's "Valentina" Video

    Evan Schiefelbine's "Valentina" Video
    Evan made a artsy skating video with Sammy Montano, James Craig, Austyn Gillette, Danny Garcia, John Erickson, Mark Appleyard, Colin Kennedy, Jason Rothmeyer and some others. Check it out.