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Bobby Worrest's "Welcome To Venture" Part

It doesn’t get better than classic plaza skateboarding. Bobby Worrest doing what he does best across the world. Welcome to the Venture team.

  • New from Venture

    New from Venture
    New Venture pro trucks from P-Rod, Kader Sylla, and the new OG wings and team edition color ups. Check it out.
  • Venture x Hôtel De Ville

    Venture x Hôtel De Ville
    Venture’s new Hôtel De Ville collection pays tribute to Lyon’s long-standing skate scene.
  • New from Venture

    New from Venture
    Check out all of the new trucks from Venture in drop 2 of their Fall catalog.
  • Venture x Labor

    Venture x Labor
    With so many of Labor's crew riding Ventures, it only made sense for them to come together on a project. Check it out.
  • Beatrice Domond's "Awake" Part

    Beatrice Domond's "Awake" Part
    Beatrice Domond in the streets of New York for the newest Venture trucks Awake video.