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Brent Atchley's "Satori" Part

Quick-footed lines at Burnside and pouring through Portland, there’s simply no mistaking Brent’s flow. Damn right he’s still got it.


    Across LA, Akwasí, Emile and Asics’ elite international team blend power and style between Shay’s grueling balancing act to stir this carefully crafted vision by Jacob Harris.
  • Asics Skateboarding "TOTAL ACTUAL COMFORT" Video

    Asics Skateboarding "TOTAL ACTUAL COMFORT" Video
    Asics’ international team joins the talents of Akwasí, Emile, Gino, Shay and Monica along with a grip of fresh faces out of Japan.
  • Skateline: 04.18.23

    Skateline: 04.18.23
    Gary analyzes Worble World, David Gonzalez' Cold Call, Cal's Pharmacy's LAND video, Cyrus Bennett's kickflip and more in today's episode of Skateline.
  • The "Portland Public Skating 3" Video

    The "Portland Public Skating 3" Video
    Emile cracks open this Portland-centric full-length with heavy revs at Burnside before an all-star cast unleashes in the streets.
  • Jake Rupp's "Anthology" Satori Part

    Jake Rupp's "Anthology" Satori Part
    Huge pop and incredible style, Jake Rupp's skating is as timeless as it is graceful. Soak in this mash-up of hits for Satori.