Cairo Foster’s Pro to Flow Party

Cairo Foster has never been one to half-ass anything during his career. Got a new spot? He’s not gonna take it easy with a basic trick like a 50-50. Frontside noseslides and gap to nosegrinds are his go-tos. Using his legendary status, catalog of gnarly parts and four Thrasher covers, he could possibly sign a six-figure contract with a major shoe brand, then sit back and chill. But that’s not his style—no milking it for ol’ Roger. Recently, Cairo started work at adidas as their social media manager. So instead of running his career into the dirt, Louie and the enjoi team decided to surprise him with a retirement party. Pro to flow! —Joe Hammeke

01 750pxArrived at ROW DTLA to see that these guys made it down from San Jose

02 750pxCases of Tsingtao, a reminder of all those trips to China filming for Oververt

03 750pxCaswell confirmed that the bottles were warm, just like in China

04 750px“Cairo Retirment” playlist? Retirment? Does that mean it’s not official?

05 750px“Enjoi Retirement.” Well, the cake’s spelled right so maybe it is official?

06 750pxPro to Flo. Hmm… getting mixed signals here

07 750pxAdidas squad: Pete Eldridge, Nora Vasconcellos, John Dilorenzo and Jake Donnelly

08 750pxNora knows boxed water is classy—the pinky finger must be extended

09 750pxVegan Vern is stoked on the Beyond Meat food truck

10 750pxWhere’s the beef?

11 750pxDig in

12 750pxLouie gives everyone a heads up that Cairo should be arriving soon

13 750pxCrail camp: Kenny Anderson, Rick Howard, Mike Carroll and Chris Roberts. What’s Rick lookin at?

14 750pxThe man of the hour

15 750pxSlight confusion—he thought he was going to check out an empty warehouse for an upcoming adidas event

16 750pxLegends all around, including OG Dogtowner Jeff Ho

17 750pxTruly surprised

18 750pxWe all loved the Lakai-ro days

19 750px“Got your ass!”

20 750pxStraight to a little Nine Club

21 750pxCairo couldn’t be more psyched to work for… adidas

22 750pxLouie gives a brief speech about what a huge influence Cairo has been on the enjoi brand and skateboarding as a whole

23 750pxTeam enjoi

24 750pxThen it was time for the greatest hits video and slideshow

25 750pxCairo has had four Thrasher covers! The first was back in December of ’98 and most recent was this one from February ’09

26 750pxThen it was time for Useless Wooden Knowledge, a skate-trivia gameshow hosted by Andreas Trolf

27 750pxTeam Camel, assembled and ready

28 750pxThese two nerdy types along with Dan Plunkett, Sebo Walker and the two other guys at our table formed Sluts of the Round Table

29 750pxNora has good penmanship so she was our designated scribe

30 750pxClint Peterson, Justin Strubing and Daniel Shimizu—three judges judging

31 750px“Oh my God, who are all these guys?” Jake Donnelly’s response for anything he was unsure about was to yell, “POPWAR!”

32 750pxLooks like Team Camel drank a beer for every wrong answer

33 750pxThese guys, The Kasperholics, edged out Sluts of the Round Table by a single point to win Useless Wooden Knowledge: Cairo Foster Edition

34 750px 2xAnyone who’s ever been on a trip with Cairo knows he has a sweet tooth, so he was more than eager to dig into the cake

35 750pxAbout 15 years ago, Jake Donnelly saw the Popwar team do a demo in Rochester, New York. He was stoked to get Cairo and Justin Strubing to finally join him in yelling “POPWAR!”

36 750pxThen DJ Chavez of Kingswell Los Feliz skateshop informed Jake that he sold one of his boards yesterday. The day before, Jake was in the shop and moved his board to a more prominent location on the racks and it worked!

37 750pxCaswell quintuple fisting!

38 750pxThen Louie had one more special announcement

39 750pxThey had been saving this Cairo graphic for a very special occasion

40 750pxCongratulations, Cairo, and thanks for all the years of stoke!
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