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Chase Webb's "VX" Part

This guy is sitting on two gnarly parts, so we’re gonna get things started with the VX version... high-speed rail attacks, and quite possibly one of the scariest kickflips of all-time.

  • SKATELINE: 03.16.2021

    SKATELINE: 03.16.2021
    Rayssa Leal raises the bar, Pizza’s Ethereum video, Evisen’s Working Holiday video, Jack O’Grady, Lodown and more in today’s episode of Skateline.
  • Pizza Skateboards' "Ethereum" Video

    Pizza Skateboards' "Ethereum" Video
    Ducky sets his most destructive path to date while Rahim, Vincent and crew emerge as some of the heaviest hitters in the game. No fake crypto hype here.
  • Deadline: Pizza Skateboards' "Ethereum" Video

    Deadline: Pizza Skateboards' "Ethereum" Video
    Ducky and Pizza’s new blood fight to finish their project despite high expectations and Vincent’s brush with death on Clipper. This one gets graphic.
  • Pizza Skateboards' "Ethereum" Trailer

    Pizza Skateboards' "Ethereum" Trailer
    Pizza gives you a glance at the slams and savagery that await in their new vid this Friday.
  • Pizza Skateboards' "Apple" Video

    Pizza Skateboards' "Apple" Video
    Pizza tops their squad with a proper pack of new ams. Rahim, James, Branson and Vincent Milou do not disappoint.