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EC Melodi's "Sparks" Video

Barging through cities, wrecking spots and causing some light mayhem is one of the best parts of skating, and few capture it better than Eli and EC Melodi's expanding cast.


    Dan Ryuichi's stacked squad of Jersey locals handles their home crust and DIY pits from Trenton to Newark.
  • The "Bottom Feeder" Video

    The "Bottom Feeder" Video
    A diverse cast of LA rippers, pros and drag personas come together in a mind-bending blend of styles that will take a few views to process.
  • SKATELINE: 10.26.2021

    SKATELINE: 10.26.2021
    Tom Knox shows spot loyalty, Mark Suciu's Blue Dog adidas part, SK8Mafia's Guadala Hemiz video, Ace Pelka's Free Spirit part and more in today's episode of Skateline.
  • Melodi's "EC III" Video

    Melodi's "EC III" Video
    Brutal slams, euphoric celebrations and minute after minute of inspired skating from one of the East Coast's sickest crews. Wow...
  • Share's "Isthisreallyallwegot" Video

    Share's "Isthisreallyallwegot" Video
    Brandon Ly and the Share squad charge ledges and show the heart of Houston in all its gritty glory.