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Erick Valentic's "Vuja De" Video

Lee Yankou, Jon Cosentino and a massive cast of Canadians lay waste to the Great White North in this stunning VX excursion. The new year’s already looking good.

  • Morgan DT's "Peace" Exoplus Part

    Morgan DT's "Peace" Exoplus Part
    Locked in at Montreal's famed Peace Park, Morgan uncovers the potential of each tile with an endless well of talent for EXOPLUS. 
  • Boltswagen's "BOFFA" Video

    Boltswagen's "BOFFA" Video
    Traditional hammers and cutty night rips, Montreal's Boltswagen crew blends boffa deez disciplines in equal measure for a highly engaging feature. 
  • Girl's 30 Year Party Photos

    Girl's 30 Year Party Photos
    Girl brought out everyone from the OGs to the current roster to celebrate three decades in the game. Papke pops in to see the art, the fans and the family they've made along the way.
  • Hell of a Month - Best of April 2022

    Hell of a Month - Best of April 2022
    From Manderson runnin' double duty to T Funk's big trouble at China Banks, April was a certified scorcher. Revisit all the highlights here.
  • Kadence Skateboards' "DAIS" Video

    Kadence Skateboards' "DAIS" Video
    Jay Brown heats up Toronto with a heavy switch arsenal before Ben Paterson and the rest of the crew burn the town down.