Erick Winkowski's"Indy" Part Premiere Photos

We took it under the bridge to Chicano Park for a BBQ session with a heavy crew before heading over to Culture Brewery in Ocean Beach for Erick Winkowski’s Indy part video premier. A packed house, huge raffle, cold beers and a mind blowing video part. Nice work Erick! –Rhino

1 750px

2 750pxWillis firing it up at Chicano Park

3 750pxJosh Borden and Lefty getting the dogs ready

4 750pxSchool is out for summer. Kader alley oop backside air

5 750pxAce Pelka blasting a frontside air assault

6 750pxGood to see Erick skating after coming back from a broken ankle

7 750pxBorden taking a break from he bbq, frontside tail grab

8 750pxKader low to high nosegrind tail grab

9 750pxSoon to be rad dad, Jonno Toastada front blunt

10 750pxWillis stretching out a tall andrecht

11 750pxKader, boneless

12 750pxChula’s finest Tommy Sandoval, kickflip grind

13 750pxFrontside flip over for an ice cream. Kader always coming up

14 750pxTommy, noseblunt to fake

15 750pxJonno backs up Tommy with a front blunt down the hubba

16 750pxLefty turned into a skate obstacle. Jonno frontside flip

17 750pxCruise hippy jumps while Lefty one arm planks

18 750pxHeaded over to OB. Culture Brewery was packed!

19 750px Motley crew outside

20 750pxNHS’s Jimmy Chadwick holding some of Erick’s completes to be raffled off

21 750pxTwista and Texas Dan always show up for skate night

22 750pxTommy brought the family for this one

23 750pxTyler Wilcox’s girlfriend scored a Winkowski complete

24 750pxMikey, Kelly and Lefty always holding it down in OB

25 750pxErick, Emani and the Winkowski family in the house

26 750pxThe video part that everyone was waiting for!

27 750pxThe lucky raffle winners were hyped

28 750px
29 750px
30 750pxWSVT local, Lux Crews scored a Winkowski print